Episode 188: A New Manwoody

Episode 188 for the week of January 10, 2016 in which the four podcast hosts reunite for the new year amidst exciting times to continue our reread of A Storm of Swords,  specifically chapters 25 (Bran II) and 26 (Davos III). After much discussion, we finally put to to rest the obvious identity of the Knight of the Laughing Tree.

Notes: This episode was salvaged from several episodes, apologies for the sound quality and late released. The George post discussed early in the episode is at his notablog. Tickets are still on sale and rooms are available for Ice and Fire Con 2016.

Chapter 25 – Bran II (artist: KingBeyondtheWall)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 26 – Davos III (artist: Dickon Manwoody)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire


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  1. Tyrion stark

    So glad your back. You’re the first podcasters I ever listenedcto, so you’ll always be number 1. Hope to hear more from you this year.

  2. Joey

    I don’t have a strong opinion on who the mystery knight was but, I’ve always leaned toward Ned instead of lyanna. And I also never cared fore the Ashara Dayne and Brandon theory I believe it was her and Ned. I also believe she is the septa on the boat with Tyrion, sorry j can’t remember her name.

  3. Bob

    There have been a number of series recently that still had books to be written when they first came out. Harry Potter being the big one. I think a lot of the new YA movie craze was the same. If I’m not mistaken Twilight, Divergent, and Hunger Games had books unwritten when the first movies came out or were starting production. I think those had the authors heavily involved in the screenplay process.

    Didn’t the writer of Pretty Little Liars actually make more books because the show was a success? Anyway, even with books that long wrapped up before their shows came out it’s pretty universal that huge changes are made. The shows/movies “spoil” major things for viewers who later read the books but usually the longer they go the movie of a fresh experiance the books become.

  4. Mandolid

    Podcast episode 61: Mimi: “I predict I’m gonna get married, before I see the winds of winter”

  5. Stefan

    Congratulations Mimi! Well there goes that fantasy.
    Good episode, too.

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