Episode 191: April Fools

Episode 191 for the week of April 1, 2016. We take a step back in time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of A Podcast of Ice and Fire.


Notes: character voices for the recording –

Mimi – Amber (amberrocks)
Ashley – Tanja (scilens)
Amin – Adam (drownedsnow)
Kyle – Casey (blue eyed queen)
Chris – Glen (dagos_rivers)
Aaron -Daniel (witless chum)

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  1. Chris Chrenka

    It’s cool you all got an British guy to voice me.

  2. Glen

    The guys were one or two people short, so volunteered. Hopefully I haven’t tarnished the fan’s memory of you 🙂

  3. Chris Chrenka

    is this the glen that was one of the very first podcast guest host? The irish guy?

  4. Glen

    I remember the episode (episode 10 I think) but no, I’m not him,

  5. Micheal Falcon

    Amber’s accent is so delightfully out of control.

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