Episode 197: Book of the Stranger

Episode 197 for the week of May 15th, 2016, in which we are joined by Bill (mrkorb) from the forums to cover the fourth episode in the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Notes: End music for this week.

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  1. nichst

    You and your short recordings remind me of an episode of Galavant where a battle occurs off screen (because budget) and in the aftermath one character says to Gal, “You missed an epic battle! It was better than anything at Castle Black!” Except that shit was funny and they only did it once.

  2. hausaryn

    goddamnit you guys, haha

  3. Hamtang

    Come on guys worst podcast ever.
    Why did you even bother. If you are going to claim to be the original ASOIAF podcast after all this time the least you can do is purchase a decent recording program.
    The dropouts, interference and loss of an entire recording is become more often than not.
    Everyone listen these days is better off just just listening to the vassals podcast.

  4. pearlinbloom

    Enjoyed the show

  5. Darryl

    Hey guys. I’ld like to demand a refund. If the review episode was going to be this short I would never have paid for it. Oh wait..

    Thanks for getting it out despite the tech issues.

  6. Terry L

    I agree that another dragon rescue would have been to close to last season. I wonder when Drogon is going to show up again though.

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