Episode 198: The Door

Episode 198 for the week of May 22nd, 2016, in which we cover the fifth episode in the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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  2. Nathan

    Time travel loops I find rarely end so satisfying…

    If Bran is doing all of this time travel setup, I think it would be more impactful (even more than Hold the Door) if Bran also had to set up Ned’s death.

  3. I’d like to make an official petition for Amin to stop saying the word “anyways.” He always sounds intelligent in these podcasts until he says anyways, then I immediately associate him with a tweenage girl. This is said multiple times every episode and it’s time for a change!

  4. Bruno Balbi

    You guys have my vote!
    In theory, since the voting only starts in two days 🙂

  5. Prior to this origin story, occasionally saying hodor to someone was a cute way of paying homage to a well liked character in the books/show. As with the character, you could say hodor to represent anything. How twisted is GRRM that he set this up so that the term actually represents this well liked character dying twice. His brain dies in the past and his body dies in the present. Thus far Bran has managed to get a lot of creatures killed (Jojen, all the remaining children of the forest, Bloodraven/Three Eyed Crow, Summer, and Hodor twice) and hasn’t really done anything. Whatever his impact is in the coming war will have to be sufficiently awesome to offset a lot of tragedy.

    On a second note, did you see that the GOT show runners made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to apologize for all the people who are going to say hodor when trying to catch an elevator now? Kyle and Amin you guys had better watch your backs.

  6. It’s one week later and we’re already tired of hearing the line used that way. Something said half jest in theory turned out to be annoying and potentially disrespectful in application.

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