Episode 202: No One

Episode 202 for the week of June 12, 2016, in which we cover the eighth episode in the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Returning hosts Aziz from History of Westeros and Bill (mrkorb) cover for Kyle, who was away this week.

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  1. nichst

    Thank you! Since the last airing of GoT I have enjoyed four hours worth of History of Westeros, in collaboration with Radio Westeros; eighty minutes of Cast of Thrones; seventyfive minutes of Close the Door and Come Here; two hours of Game of Owns; over a half hour from Linda of Westeros.org, plus around fifty minutes of WoW analysis with Elio, and about a half hour of content from Charlie of Emergency Awesome. So very ready for the original podcast.

  2. GrilliamG

    So happy right now!! I was afraid that maybe you guys finally were just too busy to put out a weekly podcast during the 10/11 weeks that Game of Thrones airs. Especially having just relistened to episode 200 and hearing about all the other opportunities you all have achieved due to APOIAF.

    Glad that House Manwoody is still holding it down.

  3. Dave

    Hi everyone, this episode isn’t available to download. Argh, need my APOIAF fix!

  4. nichst

    Noticed that too, Dave. What I did was use the download address for the previous ep, changing 201 to 202. Worked like a charm.

  5. Sorry about that, it’s up now. But yes if an episode is out but not on the downloads page you can download it using that method.

  6. Alias

    Can’t wait to hear about the great Amin vs. Aziz board game battle. 🙂

  7. Dead Fish

    I’m really hoping that I comeback as Fish Stoneheart.

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