Episode 205: Comic Con 2016

Episode 205 for the week of July 31st, 2016, in which we do a recap of our time spent as press and panelists at San Diego Comic Con 2016. We are joined by Tara Lynne of the Geekiary and Ice and Fire Con. At the end of the episode (55 minutes in), we have the full audio recording of our second Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones fan panel at Comic Con, returning after our first panel in 2015.

Notes: The panel discussion contains spoilers for all seasons of Game of Thrones and all published books of A Song of Ice and Fire.  The audio recording is reproduced with the permission of Comic Con International. Photos from the panel. The Tyrion is  a chimera theory (A+T+J = Tyrion) was discussed in detail at the Supreme Court of Westeros.

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  1. Alex G

    Awesome episode. Amin we want to see that One Punch Man costly!

  2. Alias

    It was fun time listening to you guys relate all of your experiences! The variations in interest between people were very amusing (Comic Con. vs. Comic Club). Glad you guys had another successful panel, and good times in general. 🙂

  3. Alias

    Also, super awesome that Ashley and Kyle met! Hopefully all four of you can get together some time in the future if Mimi isn’t too busy fostering her heir!

  4. Blackfish

    Come on man. What’s a crotchety old man got to do to get a question asked about him? Since Lady Stoneheart isn’t happening, could I come back as Blackfish Stoneheart?

  5. Blackfish

    Other than that your podcast was tolerable. Now get off my Castle lawn!

  6. Pod's Plight

    It’s a shame that the full magnificence of dancing with Matt Mercer wasn’t able to be appreciated in the moment. I love Critical Roll and Mercer is an incredibly talented and awesome guy and he’s a primary reason that the show is so great. I’m sure that you also saw/ danced with the rest of the Critical Roll cast at that party and just didn’t know it. Very cool either way!

  7. Jared

    What is the music at the end?

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