Episode 214: Ice and Fire Con 2017

Episode 214 for the week of May 12, 2017, in which we discuss our experiences at Ice and Fire Con 2017. We are joined by Casey (BlueEyedQueen) and Dan (Witless Chum).

Notes: The aftershow has audio records from Secret Targaryen, a fan mod made by by Jon (eigenvectorjon) based on Secret Hitler.

Tickets for Ice and Fire Con go on sale June 1st! If you are a podcast listener attending, please register via here .

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  1. Matt

    It was definitely me, it took me a minute because it has been awhile since I heard what my voice actually sounds like. Conveniently, I had listened to that song on my drive down.

  2. FTWard

    Congrats to Ashley!
    Great job on Secret Targaryen Jon.

  3. Ice and Fire Con sounds incredible! I loved hearing how much passion and creativity that goes into the various events, and it was great to get a live window into the con at the end. I hope it continues to grow and thrive. 😀

    Here’s a link to VOK’s Melbourne ThronesCon panel that Amin mentioned: http://archive.org/download/VOK376ThronesConPanel/VOK376_ThronesConPanel.mp3

  4. Oh, and of course, CONGRATS ASHLEY!!

  5. blue-eyed-queen

    Thanks for having me on! loved listening back to the recording.

    “this is totally personal!”

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