Episode 219: The Spoils of War

Episode 219 for the week of August 6th, 2017, in which we review the fourth episode in the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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  1. dragonshipper

    Jon needs to find a pool of water in that cave, for sexy times with Dany. Drogon can heat it, turn it into a hot tub.

  2. Another great show (I’ve been listening for years)!

    Just have to point out that there is one major reason for Arya to get the dagger – it’s valyrian steel. When the others come a calling, Needle just isn’t going to cut it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bran chose to give it to her on purpose because of having seen something she is going to do in future. There could be other reasons she got it to, but I’d expect that’s the main one.

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