Episode 224: Guys Night Out VI

Episode 224 for the week of November 5, 2017. Over four years since the last Guys Night Out, we return with a 4 person panel including Elio from Westeros, Aziz from History of Westeros, and Duncan from Vassals of Kingsgrave.

The guys renew their Winds of Winter predictions, talk about how being in the fandom has affected their lives, and discuss The Sons of the Dragon. They also share their general views on the state of the TV show and various characters (including the Stannis issue) and fandom theories, before wrapping up with a final aftershow.

Notes:  Spoilers for all five books, all other published material, and up to the end of season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones.


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  1. FTWard

    Great show guys (and Linda cameo)!
    Really scratched an itch for ASoIaF content.
    Always enjoy more Stannis talk.

  2. joluoto

    I love how Linda just suddenly but in when she knows more about something than all the guys.

  3. Ivana

    Sure, Melisandre fits the “magical Essos woman” trope, but she first made me think of Bloodraven and Varys rather than Melisandre. They are both mysterious masters of whisperers; like Tyanna, Bloodraven was said to have magical powers, while Varys is from Essos and has a mysterious agenda (well, not so mysterious for us anymore). However, she’s not anything like Cersei, so instead of “like Melisandre + Cersei”, it would be more fitting to say she’s “like Bloodraven + Melisandre”.

    While Maegor’s death may have been more ambiguous in TWOIAF, I firmly believed Maegor was murdered by his own Kingsguard after reading it.

    A couple of nitpicks: Cersei is younger than in the show, but she’s in her early to mid 30s, not her late 20s. She did not get married at 13, but at 19. And I don’t think that Whoresbane was ‘found in bed’ with a dead prostitute (which sounds like he killed him out of some kink and then they caught him afterwards) – he killed a prostitute who tried to rob him.

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