Episode 230: Ice and Fire Con 2018

Episode 230 for the week of May 6, 2018, in which we discuss our experiences at Ice and Fire Con 2018! The aftershow at 50 minutes in contains a (rough) recording of the “Other works of GRRM” panel by Amin, Aziz, and Buttefly (with moderator Andrew/Littlefinger).

Notes: Here are the PowerPoint slides for the panel and the Westeros Musical link. Tickets for Ice and Fire Con 2019 go on sale June 15! If you are a podcast listener attending, please register with our coupon code (PODCAST) for a discount and to keep track of our number of listeners attending. The angry Genna Lannister image.

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  1. OMG Ashley I didn’t know you were Dothraki FURY ROAD….that makes it 10,000 times better!

  2. Blue-eyed-queen

    It was a blast! See yall again next year 🙂

  3. Jared

    Great episode, that musical sounds awesome!

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