Episode 237: The Purple Wedding

Episode 237 for the week of January 6, 2019, in which we cover chapters 60 (Sansa IV) and 61(Tyrion VIII) of A Storm of Swords.

Notes: Post a comment here indicating you wish to join the draw for a free ticket to Ice and Fire Con 2019!

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  1. Andrew

    Wish I was close enough to justify going for the draw, but I can’t afford to attend even with a free badge. At least I get to hear about the con stories after on the recap episodes 🙂

  2. FTWard

    Jamie Campbell Bower was originally cast as Waymar Royce in the unaired HBO pilot. The role was recast because he then got the lead in Camelot.
    Is Garlan Tyrell complict in Joffrey’s death? (He was Renly at the Blackwater… Bad Ass)

    I already have a ticket but really enjoyed the three of you here!

  3. Anthony Porto

    Looking forward to the con but i havent gotten a ticket yet. Hopefully i can win one here.
    Looking forward to more fire and blood conversation in upcoming episodes.

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