Episode 242: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Episode 242 for the week of April 21, 2019, in which we review the second episode in the eighth and final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

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  1. Sara

    I agree that marathoning the season would be more enjoyable than having 1 week breaks between setup episodes and action episodes. Hope next week’s episode is great!

  2. Floor Acita

    Not only is this episode better than the last one, but it might be one of the best episodes of the entire series…

    Yes, both episodes had a lot of reunions, but while the onrs in episide 1 were superficial and defined by “witty” one liners, this episode was brilliantly written / composed, a master piece!

    Think about it that way, Brienne and Pod – Dunk and Egg. Brienne gets knighted by Jaime, the king slayer. Brienne is a descendant of Dunk, Dunk saved Aerys and Rhaella in Summerhall. Pod sings Jenny of Oldstones, Jenny is the reason Jaehaerys was king, not Duncan the small, his son Rhaegar, his daughter Rhaella. The Jenny song, the Ghost of Highheart wants to hear often, a song that Rhaegar wrote, supposedly as supposedly as she’s the woods witch that convinced Aerys that from him and Rhaella comes the prince that was promised, Rhaegar sings the song to Lyanna, Robert’s rebellion happens, Jon is born, Gendry is a royal bastard
    Jenny on the other hand triggered another Baratheon rebellion, leading Aegon to the idea of birthing dragons, which leads to the tragedy of Summerhall. And know they’re all together waiting for The Night to come, to fight for the prince, Jon or Dany, both dragon riders – tying everything together, love it!

    And while I disagree with Kyle, I don’t see Sansa being into Theon, I see a deeper bond, an emotional reunion, a lesson for Dany about nothern loyalty and yes a redemption arc … and I cried…

    I felt weird during Arya and Gendry, I just never really saw it, didn’t believe it, but it was telegraphed ages ago, given the whole Lyanna/Robert thing alone and that was his killer line 🙂
    …and ringing bells, of course…

    I also think Lyanna Mormont is overdone, but the had to have some kind of acknowledgment. And I think heartsbane is just for the battle, if both of you survive, the slayer will retrieve his sword one way or the other, count on it! “Rectify” the situation…

    I agree with Kyke, I think Dany does question if she was/is being manipulated, I understand her reaction. And I agree with Amin, Sansa is one of the few who hasn’t seen a white walker or snark, her reaction is hence also very rational.

    The only question is, what is the Night’s king up to and what about Cersei and Euron..?

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