Episode 251: The Queen’s Jubilee

Episode 251 for the week of February 2nd, 2020, in which we reconvene our full podcast crew and continue our longest running reread, covering chapter 73 (Jaime IV) and chapter 74 (Jon X) of A Storm of Swords. Nearing the 12 year anniversary of our podcast, we chat about past times including our attendances at San Diego Comic-Con.

Notes: APOIAF – The Comic mentioned during the episode.


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  1. Josephus

    It’s always nice and at this point nostalgic to hear you guys together. The first podcast I ever listened to was your episode #62 on adwd which I downloaded in September of 2011.

  2. Dion

    It was great to hear you all together again. I also started listening to you guys just after ADwD came out. So long ago now. As long as you keep putting them out I’ll still be here listening. Unless they’re show related.

  3. Mormont Face

    It was do nice to hear you all together! I was weirdly super excited about it. I started listening to you guys before ADWD came out, and listened to your podcast like it was my job. It got me through moving to a new city and sitting alone 40 hours a week setting up a point of sales system (that I really had no idea what I was doing with). I’ll be one of the “who even still listens?” people as long as you keep coming out with them.

  4. Thanks for the comments, good to know we still have our long-time listener group!

  5. Sarah

    Getting caught up on my podcast listening the past week with the corona virus lockdown… great episode, great to have Mimi back!

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