Episode 45: Interviewing Tower of the Hand

Episode 45 for the week of March 27th, in which we interview Alex, cofounder and cowebmaster of Tower of the Hand. Alex is also known as the Lord of the Chapters and Keeper of the Keys. We learn about the history of Tower of the Hand, discuss a unique theory and review the prologue of A Clash of Kings.

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  1. Christina

    What Martin has to say about Stannis getting stuck with Dragonstone:

    Second: We discussed whether Robert loved his brother Renly or not. Haaruk thought so, while I never envisioned their relationship as more than lukewarm. (Jaime said Robert hardly could stomach his brothers (plural form)). Which is correct?

    There are many different kinds of love. Robert was dutiful toward his brothers, and no doubt loved them in a way… but he didn’t necessarily like them. His relations with Stannis were always prickly. Renly was the baby of the family, and spent little time in Robert’s company until he was old enough to come to court. I suspect Robert was fond of the boy, but not especially close to him.

    Stannis always resented being given Dragonstone while Renly got Storm’s End, and took that as a slight… but it’s not necessarily true that Robert meant it that way. The Targaryen heir apparent had always been titled Prince of Dragonstone. By making Stannis the Lord of Dragonstone, Robert affirmed his brother’s status as heir (which he was, until Joff’s birth a few years later). Robert could just as lawfully retained both castles for his sons, and made Joffrey the Prince of Dragonstone and Tommen the Lord of Storm’s End. Giving them to his brothers instead was another instance of his great, but rather careless, generosity.




    Whoops. That’s a little unclear from my cut and paste, and I can’t edit. “Second…” starts the question sent to Martin and Martin’s reply starts with “There are many different kinds of love…”

    *Snicker* And Martin has revealed so many of the them…


  2. Katie

    Best crack pairing: Jon Snow and Qhorin Halfhand.

    “Is your sword sharp, Jon Snow?” *bom chika bom chika*


  3. Katie

    As for the Seven not doing shit, the only evidence we’ve seen of them is Davos hearing the Mother’s voice (I *think* it was the Mother) chastising him when he was dying on the rock. Considering he’s one of the more devout worshippers of the Seven it was probably a hallucination.

    If Stannis was going to sacrifice anyone it would have to be his daughter or Davos. He doesn’t care deeply enough about anyone else for it to work. Buuuuuut it sounds like to get Lightbringer you have to kill whoever you love most. Maybe that means Shireen. Or maybe this is all bollocks and Stannis will fall down a staircase. End theory.

    The thought of Sam shooting fireworks out of his fingers like Jubilee makes me want to never read ASOIAF again. Not looking forward to magical shenanigans at the Citadel.


  4. And Kyle did a video thing…well not really, but he’s in there :)



  5. btw, about the creepy relationships…when / if Rickon grows up he will definitely be crazy and creepy enough to become a serial rapist. then GRRM will go on his usual tangent and he just might have Rickon have Arya and Sansa as sex slaves…maybe Theon too, we’ll have to wait and see…


  6. easttexasdirewolf

    the blackfish taught littlefinger the fishhook…hehe


  7. oxmix

    “I’m not advocating vivisection, but . . .”

    Welcome to Texas.


  8. Zeyik


    Worst pairing:Renly and Tommen. Hey its not incest.

    Mimi is starting to remind me of dexter..with some killer taped to a table..

    It was actually suppose to be a stack of comics but glad to know you guys liked it.


  9. Inkasrain

    Quote possibly relevant to Mel’s poison-eradicating skillz:

    “There is great healing power in fire.”
    -Mirri Maz Dur, maegi and overall badass.


  10. oxmix

    It helps to understand Stannis if you know that stannous means tinny. He thinks he’s steel, but he’s tin. He will break under stress. He thinks his sword is the magic sword of the true king who will heal the land, but it’s not the right metal at all.

    It helps to understand Patchface if you are familiar with the character Pip from Moby Dick.

    SOIAF theology is a puzzle, but we should not ignore the similarities between R’hllr and the Christian devil.


  11. JAZ

    Oxmix, excellent parallel between Patchface and Pip. He also calls to mind, for me, the fool from King Lear. He just provides this wonderful element of veiled foreshadowing. Eventhoug I know he’s crazy as he’ll I still try to puzzle out the meaning of everything he says.

    Also regarding R’hllor I think the similarities to the Christian god and the other ASoIaF gods is important as well. I’m beginning to the the faceless men have it right.



    That’s interesting, Jaz. What do you mean when you say the faceless men may have it right?


  12. JAZ

    Oh I was referring to the way in the House of Black and White how all the gods are recognized as having power and perhaps that they are all aspects of the same god. I think this was a faceless man thing, but I may have it confused. This idea may have cone from a different group



    Yeah, I think your right about the basic idea. I think I’m working to comprehensive SOIAF theology. And I think the key may turn out to be the Robert Frost poem.


  13. Donald o' the Sixes

    What team did the guest host play for? I’m thinking he played for the Renly and Loras team!


  14. Kudos to you! I hadn’t tuohhgt of that!


  15. Lex

    HAHAHAHA, best chapter summary EVER.


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