Episode 49: Girls Night Out (Version 2)

Episode 49 for the week of May 1st, otherwise known as the episode with the most breasts in the history of APOIAF. The female members of the podcast are joined by guests hosts Linda [co-founder of Westeros.org], Kelsey [moderator of ontd_asoiaf], Christina, Dani, and Sarah. On top of all this feminine magnificence, fan favorite Ashley 2 makes an appearance for this special episode. We discuss the women of Westeros, find out that we are not supposed to enjoy this “boy fiction,” and witness Christina dropping the bomb of knowledge about royal inheritance. Also some sexy things were said. Unlike the boys of the podcast, we actually recorded our aftershow!

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  1. Scilens

    ohh I can’t wait to hear the boy fiction discussion xD


  2. Katie

    The referenced Oglaf comic (NOT WORK SAFE): http://www.oglaf.com/honor/

    Renly could have been bi, you never know. He might have picked Loras over anyone else, but it doesn’t mean he never played the other fiddle. That and Margaery doesn’t seem the type to take getting snubbed on her wedding night.

    As for the argument that George can’t write women….it seems a case of people complaining about bitches, witches and whores in a series ripe with bastards, assholes and jerks. I think Brienne’s one of the most heroic characters of the series, but she’s burdened with the same problems as anyone else. She’s self-conscious about her appearance, but so is Tyrion; she’s not always wise about balancing honor with practicality, but neither was Ned. Personally, I don’t find Theon any more likable than Catelyn or Cersei, or Dany more arrogant than Jon. I think we as a culture are just more hypersensitive to women’s shortcomings than men’s. I’m guilty of disliking female characters for their obvious flaws, but mostly because I grew up (and still am) anxious about my gender’s misrepresentation in fiction.

    Whether George’s lady chapters are as interesting is another story….

    Ygritte is my favorite too. I’d have liked her better if she hadn’t been written to DIE, but at least she took care of herself.


  3. Christina

    I can die happy knowing that I am immortalized as a beginning sound bite for your podcast. I will tell stories to my grandchildren about this momentous occasion.


  4. Chase

    You gals should do this more often.


  5. dave

    Fun episode. As a long time listener it was nice for ashley2 to join you all again.


  6. Sebastian

    I really enjoyed this episode – we need a ‘lord’s kiss’ themed episode, all lords kiss, all the time.


  7. andromache

    I think this was one of my favorite podcast episodes. Lots of fun. :D


  8. hillaire

    Just finished listening to the podcast (fun as always) and I have to say how funny it was to hear you guys complain about not understanding the scottish accent in about 4 different crazy accents. Not sure if that was meant to be funny but it cracked me up :)

    Being English myself I don’t have an accent, its simply how the words should sound if they were pronounced correctly :P Just saying….


  9. Nice topic – respect !


  10. Dani

    So much fun doing this with you wonderful gals! Thanks for including me!


  11. Jeremy

    I’m finally starting to catch up. Great episode.

    Sandor: “Here’s a couple of coppers. Now listen to me bitch about my problems.”


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