Episode 58: The Inn at the Crossroads

Episode 58 for the week of June 5th, in which we interview Sariann and Chelsea, founders of The Inn at the Crossroads, a food blog dedicated to replicating dishes mentioned in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Listen to us interrogate our lovely guests about their delicious creations while attempting not to spoil the series plotlines after A Storm of Swords. After the interview, Sariann and Chelsea join us in reviewing chapter 5 of A Clash of Kings.

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  1. Jon

    Kyle shocking lack of knowledge about Gendry! 😉

  2. Kyle

    I’m still in the “He knows who his Dad is…errr was….corner.”

  3. Lezuzius

    It’s also not 100% clear for me that Gendry doesn’t suspect at least something, after all he had visits from the last two Hands asking him about his mother and father.
    I would be suspicious in his place that’s for sure.

  4. Poe to the Pulps

    Great podcast.

  5. Christina

    Arya totally has the hots for Gendry even if she doesn’t realize it yet. She was smelling the soap off his freshly bathed body while they were hiding together. If I like a guy, I am totally sniffing him out. Go Garya! Ardry? Genya? 🙂

  6. Jeremy

    I’m so hungry after listening to this episode.

  7. Dani

    just finished the episode…

    i am drooling!

  8. ranjitb

    I’m sorry but what ?
    When did Chase officially become a past host ?

  9. JAZ

    Great episode again guys. The ladies were great and you asked them all the questions I wanted to know. Excellent interview.

  10. That was a lot to hear. Good

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