Episode 70: Atlus Game of Thrones RPG Interview

Episode 70 for the week of March 4th, in which we interview Aram and Scott from Atlus, the North American publishers of the upcoming Game of Thrones RPG. We ask Aram (PR rep) and Scott (QA lead) a variety of questions suggested by our listeners in our forums, Twitter and Facebook page.  We give them a taste of our typical House Manwoody hospitality and learn a lot about the upcoming game.

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  1. Usurpationblitz

    Thanks for this! When the Penguins game is over, I’ll listen to it. I think this should be a good one.



    Alright, just listened to it. Good job you two and thanks for asking them the questions. The interview but away some of the doubts I may have had, and now I’m really looking forward to playing it.


  2. FTWard

    Lots of good information and fun. As soon as it started I wished I had asked if there is going be a demo. Great job!


  3. Kyle

    Thanks a lot Aram and Scott!


  4. Christina

    Seeing as how I really enjoyed Dragon Age Origins, I am now pumped for this game as well… unfortunately I play games on my Mac, so it may be a while before there’s a Mac version, if ever. You guys sounded so grown up ;)


  5. mimi

    oh man, so sorry about my mic.


  6. Dickon Manwoody

    +1 @ Christina

    I love you Mimi, for being such a RPG lover. :B
    and for saying that thing about DAII. ha!


  7. Inkasrain

    It’s extremely weird to me as a never-ever-ever gamer that I suddenly find myself seriously considering spending sixty bucks on a video game.


  8. think you will need a little more than just 60 bucks in that case. unless you got gaming equipment available



    Yes, thank goodness for my brother’s PS3 ;-)


  9. JAZ

    Podcast success. I am now excited about this game. Guess I’ll go finally finish Final Fantasy XIII-2.


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