Episode 78: A Man Without Honor

Episode 78 for the week of May 13th, in which we review the seventh episode in the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Ashley, Amin and Kyle are joined by returning guest Lex and first time guest Vikingkingq Vikingkingq (Race for the Iron Throne Blog), both from our forums. There are a multitude of other listeners joining in a chaotic aftershow of Tormund Giantsbane proportions, with the best entrance award going to Alex from Tower of the Hand!

Notes: For the text transcript of this episode and detailed discussion, check out the forum thread. For the Genna Lannister/Red Walder Hill theory, check out the relevant forum thread. Finally, the guitar music at the end of the main episode was recorded by Lex.

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  1. Lex

    Ha! Thanks for having me on again, and for including my GOT guitar rendition. :)

    I know it’s not the same without Mimi, but I had fun talking with y’all.


  2. Ditto what Lex said. I had a blast.


  3. Lex

    OMG, just heard Amin and Kyle’s “re-enactment”…laughing so hard right now…


  4. nemui

    “Noooooooooo” Mimi this week? :D

    You guys are doing fine without her, it’s just that you sound a little… bored here and there? You’re too used to her carrying the dialogue, but still, good stuff.


  5. Exodus

    Is mimi boycotting the podcast or something?






    Sad panda is sad


  6. nemui

    Yay Girl Genius! Yay Gilgamesh Wulfenbach! Hyu schmott guy, Steven, hyu.

    That is all.


  7. Ash

    omg, you can hear how i slowly descend into complete shit facedness.





  8. FTWard

    Great episode hosts and guests.

    I agree with Ashley, I really really enjoyed the show while I watched it but the more I thought about the more illogical things seemed.

    Regarding Tywin being suspicious of Arya – I thought he was Boros Blounting Arya. He thought that when Lorch died that someone was trying to poison him so in case it was Arya he made her eat his food.

    Leave Dany’s Bloodmall walker alone. He is BA.


  9. Usurpationblitz

    Very fun episode, thanks everyone.

    I did have one very slight problem though, and that’s was with Vikingkingq.

    I’m not a big fan of people who go into another person’s house for the first time and start changing channels on their TV during a commercial. I’m not exactly a fan of someone on a podcast that feels the need to try and lead it.

    I counted about three times when Viking was telling everyone what to do next, and I thought that was kind of rude. I’m sure it’s innocent and nothing was meant by it, but it did happen. But when Kyle was still talking (About the ambush on Jon) and Viking was trying to get them to move to the next section of the show. . .disrespectful.



    Im torn on this. There was something … not right … about it. Something that was annoying me, maybe its what you say. But every time i tried to put my finger on it he would drop some awesome knowledge or make a really cool comment and i would be happy about it again.



    What was not clear in the second half of the episode (due to the editing out of my direction and the gaps and silence) was that Kyle and I initially planned to leave early, but managed to stay for the aftershow (I ate dinner through it and Kyle’s backround audio issues were fixed). I was telling people to speed things up and Vikingking was only trying to help with that.



    Amin is right.

    I can see why you would think it was disrespectful, but in actuality vikingkingq was helping us. I had to turn off my mic due to noisy background and amin had asked to speed things up. Vikingkingq stepped up and was helping us out.

    Thank you sir.



    Well, okay then. Thanks for letting me know, it just sounded really rude when I listened to the podcast and I was a little upset about it. I owe Viking an apology then, I’m sorry that I called you rude. But please understand that I didn’t think you meant to do it, just something that happened.



    I understand the general idea you were trying to convey – when I guest host for the first time with other podcasts (e.g. boiled leather) I try not to direct the conversation either. After a few times on I feel more comfortable about steering things.

    We also have to keep in mind that guest hosts are often on this podcast or other podcasts for a specific reason, sometimes invited on the podcast to share a certain viewpoint or background, to represent a particular site, or to fill in the empty space when one or more of us takes a break from an episode. I like that Vikingking and other guest hosts feel comfortable diving into the conversation – shows something positive about the recording environment that we provide.



    It’s ok. I do have a bad habit of jumping in during conversations, and it’s something I’m working on. So it’s about six of one, half-dozen of the other.


  10. Amin

    Second, when we get a guest on, even for the first time, they are free to interact in the episode – it is a comfortable environment and not a formal meeting. If we pass a scene and someone still wants to comment on it, they can always just pull us back for a second (which we all do when it is just the 4 of us anyway)


  11. Joel

    I agree that the Dagmer = Reek thing is implausible, but Dagmer is clearly filling some of Reek’s roles and I wonder if he will be involved in Theon’s downfall. It seems necessary that Theon will fall by being too trusting and confident in his own leadership, and I don’t see that happening the way they (presumably) have Ramsay advancing to retake the castle. Perhaps Dagmer will somehow collude with Ramsay to convince Theon that Yara sent the men to help him and convince him to open the gates. Then we get Dagmer knocking out Theon and becoming Ramsay’s right hand man. Still seems farfetched for an iron born, but there has to be some kind of deception coming.


  12. Lex

    The more I listen (and re-listen) to this episode, and other episodes… the more I’m convinced that Kyle and Amin are comic geniuses.

    “Don’t spoil the article!”
    “Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy the article more.”

    I didn’t even catch that, when we were recording. XD


  13. vtangd

    hi, long time listener here. I am a big fan of the podcast but I must also echo the sentiments of several of the other commenters above regarding your guest host. I really didn’t appreciate him trying to interject spoilers throughout this episode. I don’t care what research he cites, but that was quite rude.


  14. Jeremy

    The aftershow – the chaos, the technical difficulties, the scene recreation…
    Freaking hilarious! :)


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