Episode 79: The Prince of Winterfell

Episode 79 for the week of May 20th, in which we are joined again by Sariann and Chelsea, founders of The Inn at the Crossroads, a website dedicated to producing the food of the Song of Ice and Fire world. We learn more about their upcoming cookbook: A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook.

Sariann and Chelsea join us in reviewing the eighth episode in the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. We discuss the great potato debate, Bloodraven’s 1001 eyes and various bathtub combinations in a veritable storm of House Manwoody jokes.

Notes: For the text transcript of this episode and detailed discussion, check out the forum thread. Below is the fan art of the podcast crew by Rosie/vietrose mentioned during the episode, as well as the Bath Scene drawn by sisaat afterwards. Podcast of Ice and Fire Cosplay

“Manwoody Soup”
Podcast of Ice and Fire Cosplay

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  1. FTWard


    Now I can finally get some sleep 😉

    “Corn” is any cereal in Europe.
    Sweet Corn (New World – Maize) is indeed mentioned only once. In an Arya chapter when she is wondering the Riverlands.

    Back to listen to the rest.

  2. Dan

    Kyle, just google “rhubarb pie in Los Angeles”. There are plenty of spots out here that have it. I don’t know if it is good because I don’t eat it but it’s out here. Yelp it.

  3. Lady Griffin

    Agree with Ashley.

    Clash is my favorite, but the whole book resumes status quo. The Lannisters stay in power, Stannis goes back to Dragonstone, Robb lingers in the west, Jon and Dany spin their wheels…..aside from Renly dying, most of the book is set-up. I’m worried Stannis’s defeat at King’s Landing is going to turn viewers off. There’s no big reversal this time to keep them hooked.

    Going to agree with Larry on Arya’s plot. Her scenes with Charles Dance were the best this season, but what did they build to? I loved Harrenhal in the book, but it was mostly a placeholder for the character.

    Yara is an improvement. Asha never gave two shits about Theon.

    Fat Skeletor was awesome.

    My favorite part of the show is how hilariously incompetent Qhorin is. In Clash, he’s badass. Here he’s an alpha male who contradicts himself every five seconds. *Leaves noob to behead sexy redhead* “We’ll be at the top!” *Points vaguely in ten directions.*

    I didn’t mind the Talisa scene. People are tearing it apart, but I found her story touching and the one glimmer of sweet, playful sex we’ve seen.

    But yeah, what the fuck, Catelyn? Ask your son where he was when Karstark was threatening to hack off Jaime’s head.

  4. Rosie (vietrose_

    You guys made my day! 😀
    Hazzah for being mentioned in a podcast. 🙂

  5. John

    OMG… sap all over the place, that unfortunately made my day. Hilarious

  6. lane

    Here is one problem (karstark mentions the yellow fork and the wrong gods) and the no mention of the soldiers wanting jaimie dead……too many writers!!!!!!!!! There should only be a couple of writers for the show.

    David Benioff & D. B. Weiss
    Bryan Cogman
    Vanessa Taylor
    George R. R. Martin

    and they mix them all up. Its got to cause some headaches and everything. Anyone agree?

    I did think this episode was kinda “eh” i was thinking alot more lead up and increase in drama for the upcoming battle. but it seemed as everyone was kinda like “yea, stannis is coming, can you pass the wine?” :/ AND!!!!!!!!!!! Stannis and Davos backstory should have come MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH sooner!!

    ok done 🙂

  7. Inkasrain

    Pretty much every television show (at least every American-produced television show) staffs a large team of writers– and I kind of doubt that GRRM is available to pen more than one episode per season, great though that would be. I’m sure that continuity is a huge concern for the writers, and not something they take lightly, but sometimes things slip through the cracks or get left on the proverbial cutting room floor. It’s too bad, but nothing so egregious that tables deserve to be flipped, in my opinion.

  8. Lex

    Thank you Kyle and Amin, for echoing my thoughts exactly, on the Talisa monologue! I actually flipped a table and left the room.

  9. Lex

    Also, it was interesting when you talked about the long hours involved in editing. It’s much appreciated!

  10. Jeremy

    “If he has a thousand eyes and one, you know what he’s watching.”

  11. Kyle

    “Mimi doesn’t want to be a queen. She wants to be THE Queen.” -Margaery Tyrell

  12. lord yellow snow

    Do you guys mind putting down the time of how long they are so when i download them i know if i got the whole episode. Thanks

  13. kr

    If George appreciated dick jokes as much as he does food and you guys got some book deal, what ASOIAF-related book would you write?

    By the way, cool episode, the two guests were very good on it.

  14. Jon

    Great show guys. Those crossroad ladies fit right inn! 😉

  15. Haley

    Please make certain that this episode is posted to iTunes. Sorry to be blunt. Love the podcast, guys. (really hope this isn’t just me being incompetent)

  16. Yoren's younger brother

    When will this be posted to iTunes? My commute has been too Fucking quiet without creaking doors and Manwoody!

  17. Dickon

    I don’t know why but it cracks me up every time Kyle tries to say Yara and says Yaya instead. Maybe Kyle misses Alayaya…

  18. Stephen

    Bastards of Manwoody should have the surname “Cone” so it would be Gentry Cone or Eric Cone.

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