Episode 82: Return of the Queen

Episode 82 for the week of June 10th, in which we wind down from Game of Thrones episode recaps in a return to our traditional chapter re-reads of A Clash of Kings. In this episode, we cover chapters 13 (Dany I) and 14 (John II). Amin presents his Bear Mode theory while Mimi brings the Jeor/Benjen crackpot pairing to the table.

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  1. Lady Griffin

    Podcast of Ice and Fire, coming to your schools!

    *kids getting slimed*

    I await the day you broadcast from the back of a cross-country bus.


  2. Muggy

    Good ep! im glad that mimi is back


  3. earl

    Welcome back Mimi, your subjects can sleep easier now that they have their Queen back.

    Great podcast guys, I think there’s potential in the CoK chapter rereads after the TV season. Hopefully Mimi gets to catch up on the TV show soon.


  4. Jon

    No aftershow??? JK thanks for getting the league back together kids!


  5. Lex

    Good to hear the full crew again.

    It’s funny how Mimi “returned” in Ep. 68, then disappeared again after 7 episodes, only to return again! Here’s hoping she sticks around for a while. :)


  6. Stephen

    Okay, I am late & who knows if anyone will read this but 2 thoughts on the re-read. One, it is mentioned in jon II that the children of the Forest could speak to the dead, which gives credence to the theory that Coldhands is a ranger wight controlled by COTF. Point two I always pictured Larry Davis as Dolorous Edd.



    I mean Larry David


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