Episode 87: Hodor’s Aphasia

Episode 87 for the week of September 9th, in which we return to our infamously glacial chapter re-read of A Clash of Kings. In this episode, we discuss the upcoming e-book from Tower of the Hand while congratulating ourselves on being participating authors. We also cover chapter 17 (Bran II), shedding medical insights in regards to the neuroscience of Hodor’s speech, Ser Rodrik’s possible STD, and why eating your own fingers is a terrible idea.

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  1. KR

    “Rodrick’s possible STD”, that sounds like a Feathered Hat level theory.

    Anyway, thanks for the new podcast and congrats on A Flight of Sorrows.


  2. Anonymous

    Longtime Pocast lurker here, was just listening as usual, but I felt this needed to be explicated.

    Donella Hornwood is a Manderly by birth and is actually Lord Manderly’s niece. This is why he was so adamant about protecting her, especially from Ramsay. This is even more evident in Dance when he is even more driven to oust the Boltons and cites Ramsay’s treatment of Donella as another reason for revenge.

    Sorry, just had to dispel the notions of apparent Manderly incest.
    Loved the episode though!



    Wouldn’t niece have been worse than cousin? But in any case, it is cousin.

    “While tearing apart a bird with fat fingers, Lord Wyman made polite inquiry after Lady Hornwood, who was a cousin of his. “



    Sorry, my mistake. While a niece may indeed be worse than a cousin, I just wanted to clarify Manderly’s intent.

    He wasn’t acting primarily out of greed for more territory, as he was characterised in the Podcast episode. Although that may be an argued ulterior motive. He was spurred to action our of filial piety and a desire to protect one of his relatives form Bolton encroachment.



    That was how I read the chapter: he may be asking more nicely,
    but he is just as greedy as all the other lords over this potential gain
    of land. It is a matter of interpretation and I agree that he had other motivating factors as well, but greed makes him ask for a marriage
    rather than just providing help.



    thanks for the clarification re: his intent. i think it definitely makes sense relative to his motivations in ADWD. appreciate the comment!


  3. jesicka309

    Don’t you dare fire Kyle. Don’t. Do. It.
    Also just to clarify….that Tower of the Hand book. You didn’t mention if you guys were in it? What the? You should have been more explicit. :D
    Great episode, it had me giggling away on the train. I think everyone thought I was on drugs or something. So thanks for that.
    Also, I’d love it if you coveed more chapters per ep. I think there will be some chapters with less foreshadowing, so there’s less theories to discuss….so you could potentially get through more.
    Loved Bran being a total pimp, bathing with his sisters aqnd Osha. I’m sure you are all jealous!
    Cheers guys!


  4. FTWard

    Psyched for a TMK episode and the ToTH book.

    If it is up for vote, I vote 2 chapters per non interview episode and 1 chapter with interviews.


  5. Lezuzius

    Amin really was late from a date, no aftershow…


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