Episode 91: Midnight Edition

Episode 91 for the week of November 11th, in which Ashley and Amin are joined by guest host Nick for a late night recording. We discuss chapter 20 (Arya V) and chapter 21 (Tyrion V) of A Clash of Kings and get caught up on various forum topics and discussions.

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  1. Usurpationblitz

    Good episode and as always, thanks.


  2. Dickon

    Listened to this on the way to work this Saturday… Made my commute much better. Thanks guys for staying up late to record an episode for us!


  3. Youraveragegameofthronesbookfan

    Yoren killed by Rorge? What are you guys talking about? Didn’t you see how it all played out in the tv-series? If that’s not how it all went, Martin would’ve intervened and made his death more ambiguous



    i need the meme for
    *can’t tell if poster is serious*



    Poe’s law


  4. Maester Ch'vyalthan

    It’s alright Amin, one day you’ll be able to pronounce my username! No hard feelings about not reading my stupidly long review :D

    Great episode as always!



    If we are going to get this new Podcast going, I’ll have to learn how to say it as well. =D



    in fact you do not feel sorry at all – Maester Ch’vyalthan stated on the chat, that he chose the name so that nobody could prnounce it. nearly the same as GRRM and movie-budget (he said he wrote the books because nobody could shorten the udget of his imagination).

    btw: thank you for the solid episode – I did enjoy it.


  5. 897

    Thanks for all the awesome discussion!


  6. Valyrian Neil

    Great Episode. Thanks for the sorta mention. Keep them rollin!


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