Episode 92: FFG A Game of Thrones Board Game Interview

Episode 92  for the week of December 2nd, in which we interview Jason Walden (Game Producer) from Fantasy Flight Games (FFG). We talk about FFG’s A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, 2nd edition. We ask Jason a variety of questions suggested by our listeners and learn about some other FFG titles, including the A Dance with Dragons Variant, the A Game of Thrones Card Game, and the Battles of Westeros. We also cover chapter 22 (Bran III) of A Clash of Kings. Note that Mimi joined the call about 30 minutes in.

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  1. FTWard

    Great episode! I really enjoyed Jason’s comments and explanations. I loved getting a look at the process behind the development of 2nd Edition. I would have preferred if he did not reveal the powerful Lannister Stoney Sept doughnut Support strategy! Great insight on a lot of interesting topics. The no comments were very intriguing as well. Excellent job hosting Amin. Great energy from Kyle and Mimi as well. I hope non gamers check the game out, it’s really well done by FFG and captures the ASoIaF theme.

  2. Anonymous

    Though I’ve not played the game yet, I found this discussion to be intriguing. I’m hoping to pick up the game for Christmas and give it a whirl. Nice episode guys.

  3. xaiviax

    Thanks, great interview. Love the board game and the new ADWD expansion. I can’t recommend the game enough to people. Thanks again guys, and also to Jason for being so cool.

  4. portoanthony

    Really enjoyed the discussion. Playing boardgames is fun though i feel like i never have the time or enough people that are interested in playing. I definitely hope to play this game. I hope they add Essos in another edition or game. I really like Amin’s idea about doing the battle of the north maybe a zoomed in one for the east as well.

  5. jesicka309

    I am wishing so badly that I had friends that were into this. Is the board game available in other countries? (Australia?). The last board game I played was couples pictionary :-/
    Really great episode, it was really funny to hear Amin so passionate about the game! And Jason was great too, I love his strong opinions on the Lannisters! I repeat, I am wishing sooo badly that I had friend that were into this, and no hope of receiving it as a Christmas present.
    Great discussion of the Bran chapter, even though it was a short one. I think the preception of Arthur Dayne comes from the fact that Jaime wanted to ‘be like’ him…and the fact that he was part of the KIngsguard that allowed Aerys to commit all those atrocities. It’s also in part to the clihe subversion GRRM seems to do – if someone if revered in history, they were probably douchebags. 🙂

  6. Yes, I believe it should be available in Australia. Check out one of the local board gaming stores.

  7. Dion

    Try here http://www.milsims.com.au/node/109438

    I spend way too much money there on games.

  8. jesicka309

    Will do! Thanks for the tips! Now I need to find some Melbournians willing to play with me….

  9. brynden

    Still not finished, but I have to jump in to say that I really enjoyed the part about the game(s). It was quite an interesting discussion and provided some great background information for people who like to play boardgames. I have to say that I know one of the “grandfathers” of this game very well (Diplomacy) and therefore I (still) am more interested in the card game. Sadly the discussion only sometimes came to that one, but it is definetly on my wishlist for christmas.

    Nevertheless – great interview, and lots of thanks to Mr. Walden (and FFG) to make the episode possible. I have the feeling the game is now on multiple wishlists for christmas 😉

  10. Mordion

    I’m not much of a board game player generally (nothing more than a little Diplomacy from time to time) but the podcast sold me on this one. I’m buying it now, and hoping to get in a few games with the family this christmas. Great to have Mimi back again too.

  11. Jon

    How is the content? Would it be suitable for children? My kids 5 and 7 love games.

  12. FTWard

    The game is listed as 14+. It is probably a bit too complex for such young children.


    The content beyond being a war game set in ASoIaF is not really offensive but likely too much for young children.
    Check out :


    For great reviews and lists of games appropriate for children of any age.

  13. ShadowStalker

    Great episode.

    Just played the Card Game (Core Set only) over the weekend and own the board game as well.

    I might have to make the 4 hour drive to Minneapolis when the next Days of Ice and Fire convention / gaming get together is.

  14. Dr.Lecter

    I would definitely buy an online version of this game. Internal tournaments on our apoiaf forums sounds like a lot of fun. As of now I don’t know enough board game nerds to justify purchasing this.

  15. Erinyes

    Finally caught up on the podcast – Yeah!

    This is on my amazon wishlist – but like Lector, if it were available online (I’d still buy the board game – cause I’m just like that, but) I think I’d (actually) play the online version.

    I also have the card game but as of yet have not found any living breathing persons to play with me – unlike masterbation it just doesn’t work on your own!

    I really liked the episode and while not having played the board game, I still found the discussion interesting and fun to listen to – Amin, if only we’d met BEFORE I left Canada!

  16. IanOfWinterfell

    I have been looking forward to this episode for a while, and it did not disappoint. The guest Jason proved himself a big fan of the books, which was great to hear since I love the game so much. Hopefully it will get more exposure thanks to this. You guys did a great job of selling it.

    I listen to a number of board game podcasts as well, and though they have discussed Game of Thrones, they have never gone into the detail and depth you guys have here. If was much appreciated.

  17. Kyle

    Really glad you enjoyed it. That’s quite a compliment. Thank you.

  18. anita

    I would definitely caution that the first time you play the game it is REALLY overwhelming….it actually took us longer to figure out how to set up the board and what the basic rules were than it did to play the game the first time through. But after that it’s definitely a ton of fun, especially if you’re playing with scheming and vindictive friends who will get really into forming/breaking alliances.

    I do just really love how the character cards and strategies really fit with the houses. I’ve mostly played the game with friends who haven’t read the books, or even watched the show, and they enjoy it but definitely don’t get quite as nerdy-excited as those of us who have read and now how awesome, say, the euron greyjoy card is.

  19. jed o' white hart

    great stuff guys , I shall definitely be dropping hints the size of aurochs about getting the game for chrimbo. Amin’s enthusiasm for the game was infectious , great to hear him so excited (or pumped , as you young ‘uns say) , and I got a name check on the extras which really made my day 🙂

  20. Erinyes

    So when this all goes viral and you become a celebrity will you remember those of us who knew you as the odd older guy at the first cockneymoot? :p

  21. Tom

    I absolutely do not have a neckbeard!

  22. patizambo

    Never played the board games, but after listening to this episode I’m craving to get my hands on it.

    As jed o’ white hart wrote Amin’s enthusiasm was contagious and jason was a great guest.

  23. LordManderBlee

    great episode! Loved hearing about the game, may have swayed me towards buying the card game too! Thanks guys!

  24. Lex

    Great lively episode, with lots of energy! Good interview questions and answers. “Amin is really jazzed right now,” made me laugh! It was also nice to hear Mimi jump in partway through. Good job, guys!

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