Episode 93: APOIAF History

Episode 93 for the week of December 9th, in which we are joined by podcast historian Brynden from our forums. We talk about the history and statistics of APOIAF and cover chapter 23 (Catelyn II) of A Clash of Kings. We are joined midway through the episode by Dickon Manwoody, one of our top artists.

Notes: The forum topics we were talking about are in this sub-forum. Brynden’s article on the location of the Blackfish is published at Tower of the Hand.

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  1. jesicka309

    I’m still listening, but I love the comment Kyle made about seeing Mimi’s picture and wanting to listen…
    Kyle, that was you for me… I was just DYING to catch up to your episodes so I could listen to the spunk reclining on the Iron Throne in his pic. :D
    Still listening…



    Well my day has just been made. :-)


  2. Pod's Plight

    You’re right, Kyle is quite spunky.



    Haha. AND at the end Amin says I have hope. I’m totally in.


  3. Ari Martell

    @Brynden, you said you don’t want to pirate them because you are waiting for the DVDs, so why not do both? Pirate them now, and then buy the BluRay/DVD when it comes out so you are still supporting the show/GRRM.


  4. brynden

    @episode: I know understand why Mimi can not listen to the episodes – hearing your own voice is strange. But it was fun to take part, thanks for inviting me.

    @ari: I (sometimes) am a patient man – and I think it is better to have something with a fixed release date to wait for between the books.
    And in addition: I watch the show with Ms. Brynden (a non-reader) – and she is not so much in English-TV-watching. So although I know what happens in the books, I like it better to watch it with her together when watching the first time.

    @jesicka309: you said that my voice sounds younger than you thought (in the shoutbox). I turned 30 this year…


  5. Dickon

    I really enjoyed the history bits, it was completely up to my expectations but being a podcast fanatic it could’ve been a bit longer… but maybe I feel this way cuz Ash and Mimi weren’t around. :) They should do some reminiscing on the podcast sometime!

    And thank you brynden for bringing the knowledge to this one. Finally got to hear what you sound like and for lack of a better term, your accent is really clean. I don’t know how else to describe it, it’s just so distinct and precise. It’s great!

    And yeah, I totally get that voice thing now. I mean, I had to pause listening to the ‘sode for a few times cuz it was just so weird hearin my own voice. But I wouldn’t miss on out on a good conversation on my favorite series for anything…

    Thanks guys for having me and a big thanks to Amin for editing all these episodes pronto so that we can have our holiday presents. Can’t wait to get to the next two!


  6. Jason

    What is the Red Walder Genna Lannister Theory?



    It is published in my essay in A flight of Sorrows – It was discussed in detail during Guys Night out 4 and our AFOS ep as well



    In short: It is stated that Red Walder Frey (Genna’s second or third son) is the only one that does not look weasly. Jaime thinks something along the lines that nobody would dare to doubt Genna’s Frey husband fathered him. AMin brought up the idea that one of the nice young knight Genna likes could be the father. It seems reasonable and well founded therefore I think it is the most plausible apoiaf-theories.



    Actually it is not directly stated that he does not look weasly. That is my interpretation given certain things that we know (described in the theory), but all we know of him initially is that he is called Red Walder. Jaime’s quote does not single out any of the individual sons, but does touch upon the fact that no one would dare bring up the subject of Genna’s infidelity, even if it happened.


  7. ash

    “When isn’t Ashley drunk?”

    if i leave early for work, I was sober. otherwise I’d place my bets on i’m drinking while recording, especially the pre hiatus episodes


  8. Christina




    Also, Amin, I decided to refashion your headband into a thong. FYI.



    But you’re such an awesome guest host, Christina! Hmm even Amin’s accessories lead such interesting lives…



    Just another day in the life of Amin’s headband


  9. jed o'

    great to hear brynden and dickon on the show , v enjoyable ( tho’ I agree it’s odd when you hear yourself) nice to put a voice to the icon. Enjoyed the episode , must relisten to the gno’s again sometime soon. Wd have liked a bit more on past hosts , gossip , falling outs, etc . respect to brynden vis-a-vis the piracy issue , I feel the same and decided to wait for the dvd’s , tho it was a mighty test of resolve. Really enjoyed the discussions too , and I’ll add my thanks to the crew for giving us the early chrimbo prezzy of 3 episodes , well done all


  10. SerEdgar

    Really hard to listen to because of the constant, very loud throat clearing. :(


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