Episode 94: Iron Outlines

Episode 94 for the week of December 16th, in which we are joined by Jessica, the podcast art manager. We talk about the APOIAF’s drawing projects and cover chapter 24 (Jon III) and chapter 25 (Theon II) of A Clash of Kings.

Notes: The chapter drawings we were talking about are located at our deviantart website, specifically the chapter 24, chapter 25, and chapter 35 drawings.

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  1. jesicka309

    Oh my God I completely forgot our ‘science’ discussion. We are totes knowledgeable about biology.
    “And then the sperm reaches the egg…”



    Yup I totally embarrassed myself on that one.




    Google helped me :)


  2. Anonymous

    Nice work! Australia represent :)


  3. jed o'

    the aussie accent has never been anywhere near the top of my favourite accent list, but you just changed all that jesicka , love your voice! Right up there with mimi in the sexy voice department. I wish I could draw , but I can’t (orville?) , however my wife has finally started reading the series , and she is very talanted in that area , so I might get her to do some and pretend it is me :-) Great job on the artwork project and the episode really enjoyed it , esp the biology lesson



    I loved the accent too! Maybe she can do some chapter reads? ;)


  4. brynden

    great episode everybody!
    really liked it.


  5. Jeremy

    Giddy that you guys commented on the fact that I wrote “Joramun” on the horn in my COK chapter art.


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