Episode 97: Ours is the Fury

Episode 97 for the week of January 27th, in which Ashley and Amin are joined by guest host Susan (Ours is the Fury) from Winter is Coming. We talk about recent Game of Thrones season 3 photos and cover chapter 29 (Bran IV) and chapter 30 (Tyrion VII) ofย A Clash of Kings.

Notes: This is the Brienne/Hyle Hunt video mentioned early on, while this is the forest fan-art. The two conventions we mention in the after-show and some of us will be attending are Days of Ice and Fire and the Ice and Fire convention.

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  1. brynden

    Not finished (about 50min in) but it already is a good episode and I really like it. Thanks to Amin and Ashley as always and to Susan for being on – she is a great guest host (like all from WiC).

  2. Pod's Plight

    I’m enjoying the episode and also amused by Susan’s pronunciation of “Meisters” and “Fries.”

  3. FTWard

    Really enjoyed the episode. Thought that Susan was an excellent guest and was glad to have her commentary on the stills and show in general. Hope that there is another WiC centric show to preview S3.

    Still can’t get behind Ashley’s Victarion love (he is the worst) but her Deadwood appreciation kinfa makes up for it.

    Looking forward to an episode previewing the Ohio Con and hopefully hearing/seeing about Ashley (and Kyle’s) experience there.

  4. ash

    I’m not viewing him as a person but as a bed warming object.

  5. Ashley likes burned men ๐Ÿ™‚ –Amin

  6. NickSnow

    Susan was totally charming and well spoken. Great analysis of the photos and awesome banter regarding shipping as well. Great episode!

  7. jesicka309

    Loved this episode, it was really great. Slowly but surely getting through those chapters! And 100 is coming up soon ooooooo.


  8. Inkasrain

    Great stuff, Susan fits in perfectly.

  9. Jeremy

    Space metal?


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