Episode 98: Boiled Leather

Episode 98 for the week of February 3rd, in which we are joined by Sean T. Collins and Stefan Sasse of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour. We learn about Ashley’s Frey allergy, wonder where the boars go, discuss Chataya’s tunnel, and analyze Tywin/Shae.  We get into fighting match ups (with an ageist bent) and construct the ideal Council (including Danes, Sean and Stefan) and Kingsguard. We are joined in the after-show by Elio and Linda of Westeros.org.

Notes: This is Stefan’s article at Tower of the Hand and this is the image of Daario from our MS Paint project.

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  1. Lady Griffin

    I never liked the “unrealistic” argument for Asha.

    Like Arya, Asha is at odds with the gender roles of her world. Sansa and Catelyn might be a better rule when stereotyping the women of Westeros, but they don’t represent the exception.

    Across our real life history (ancient and modern), there have always been female pirates, female soldiers, female scholars, etc. who lived under patriarchal cultures. The same could be expected of Westeros.

    Asha might not represent the status quo, but that makes her unusual, but not unrealistic.

  2. Inkasrain

    I’m not sure where I stand on Arya’s realism in the context of her upbringing (anymore… you’ve shaken my determination, LG!) but I agree about Asha. It seems pretty clear that her nature/nurture equation worked out to produce the person she is, so she doesn’t strike me as jarringly anachronistic.

    And Ashley, I kind of disagree regarding Asha’s feminine side; I didn’t think that was stereotypical at all. I actually really appreciate GRRM blending Asha’s hardass side with her compassion. It seems consistant with her goals and motivations for being an active character in the first place.

  3. Ryan

    Ned Stark as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. End of discussion.

  4. Pod's Plight

    That was a good fun chat. I also liked at the end where you said you were recording the mystery knight episode later that same day. Hopefully that came to fruition and we’ll be seeing/ hearing it soon.

    Btw, your “ideal” Kingsguard would implode almost immediately. I can’t see that group functioning well together at all.

  5. ash

    yeah… about that….

  6. Sean T. Collins

    I tried to stop them!

  7. Lady Griffin

    Are you implying that Kingsguard wouldn’t be up for a zany, Avengers-style action comedy?

    Santagar – Nick Fury
    Mance – Tony Stark
    Barristan – Cap
    Loras – Thor
    Jaime – Black Widow
    Brienne – Hawkeye
    Hound – Hulk

    Make it so.

  8. brynden

    it was implied on the boards that a BOK episode was recorded instead… no mystery knight as far as i see it.

  9. Kyle

    Unfortunately brynden has the right of it.

  10. Kyle

    A glorious implosion indeed.

  11. Jon

    Halfway through. Great episode! Link to Darrio style please!

  12. Anonymous

    It’s on the forums in the thread for Epsiode 98. 🙂

  13. Dickon

    Looooooooved the episode. Thanks guys for the great work!

  14. Arnel

    I’m halfway through this, and this is hands down the best thing asoiaf related I’ve listened to. Combining my two favorite podcasts, awesome! The dragons vs direwolves theory sounds so awesome; I feel something like that might end up happening.

  15. Kyle

    I am also now in love with the idea of dragons vs direwolves.

  16. Christina

    This was a great episode you guys! I always check Sean’s site everyday to see what funny interesting thing he has to say.

  17. jesicka309

    I’m halfway through relistening to this podcast.

    I love how high-pitched Amin’s voice gets when talking about Daario. Sensitive topic Amin?

    Also, Kyle has very high standards, obvs. He’s into Australian accents! 😀
    Loved how Sean forgot about not having a son, and Stefan’s random innuendos that you almost miss because they’re slipped in so nicely. And Ashley’s line about not having Frey’s in her…..classic episode.

  18. Amin

    I am glad Sean was agreeing with me on that one. As I said, Daario beats Barristan in the battle of the bedroom. However, I will go with Barristan the Bold in a fight. Recall that he defeated another noted mercenary captain ( the Titan’s Bastard ) with a staff.

  19. Anonymous

    Barristan doesn’t even need weapopns, he’s that awesome!

    🙂 I’m with you Amin on that one.

  20. brynden

    thanks everybody for an awesome episode. well delivered insights and dick-jokes. epic aftershow. poor elio. i somehow missed the following pairings:

    amin vs. mimi
    kyle vs. ashley

    best regards

  21. Ranjitb

    Nice job as always…one of the more hilarious episodes in recent memory.
    No doubt it all went downhill in the after show.

  22. patizambo

    This episode was fucking hilarious. Steffan rules.

    Btw, Galician forests are full of wild boars, they’re even a problem for the cattle industry.

  23. Tom

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time that “I used to LARP a lot” was used in defense of a persons physical prowess.

    What’s the reasoning behind thinking Howland Reed beat Arthur Dayne in a fight? “I’d be dead except for Howland Reed” could mean that Howland was throwing rocks to distract Dayne and then Ned killed him. What am I missing here?

  24. Jeremy

    Great episode.

  25. TK

    My Kingsguard

    Barriston the Bold (Lord Commander). I literally can’t put it better than the podcast did.

    Brienne the Maid of Tarth. Very loyal. She is a Maid of her word who would never betray her vows.

    Ned Stark. He’s extremely loyal and would never betray his vows. He is also a war hero who is a great fighter. He’s a person I could trust and would be good council if I ever needed it.

    Davos Seaworthy. His opinions would be treasured and he is forthright. Good company. Plus he is extremely loyal and honest. He would not betray me and he is a very intuitive person who could quickly identify threats. He is also great at taking orders usually.

    Loras Tyrell. We need a youngling with tons of potential to groom. If he joins young Loras could make a great Lord Commander thirty or forty years from now.

    Arys Oakheart. Sure he screwed up, but he was loyal and his main screw up was sleeping with Arianne. It wasn’t like he murdered the king or something. I just don’t see Arys betraying me in particular if I were king.

    Syrio Forel. Smart, brave, loyal and a fierce water dancer whose fighting style would put off other fighters who might try to kill me

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