Episode 99: The Mystery Knight

Episode 99 for the week of February 17th, in which we tackle The Mystery Knight, the third short story in the Tales of Dunk and Egg series. We feast on neeps and wild boar while shipping Dunk/Daemon II, examining the feathered coat of arms of House Cockshaw, and appreciating the general badassery of Bloodraven.

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  1. Lex

    Wow, it finally happened! And it’s perfect timing for me, having just caught up on Episode 98 yesterday. Will listen to this tonight, thanks!

  2. FTWard

    Definitely Inn at the Crossroads. Tom Heddle is Masha Heddle’s ancestor.
    Dareon is non ambiguously gay.

    TMK episode!

  3. Daemon is as gay as Jon Con

    Daemon is as gay as jon con

  4. Usurpationblitz

    What a great episode. This was such a nice thing to listen to, 2 hours and on topic about an entire novella. We’ve been on A Clash of Kings for about 4 years now, so it was really great to read a whole book from start to finish and talk about everything. =D

    Kidding aside, this was great. I kind of wished it was 100, but I would have been happy at any point this episode was uploaded, so long as we got it.

    The banter was top notch too, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard all of you give each other that level of shit, I loved every second of it. Kyle of course is wrong, that was most defiantly a man crush going on. I am still in the camp that Bloodraven was controlling Ser Maynard Plumm though the use of Warging, but it could be viewed either way.

    Great episode, thanks to all four of you.

  5. Brett

    Great episode guys! I was looking forward to the mystery knight episode for a while now especially since you have been talking about doing it for a long time. I can’t wait for episode 100!!!

  6. walros

    I’m not gonna thank you for this one. You totally owed us this. :p

  7. brynden

    they owe us nothing. each episode they record is a gift for us…

  8. walros

    Wow, not even a smiley works these days. Seems like I gotta go with the explicit (JUST KIDDING) in the future. *rolleyes*

  9. brynden

    sorry walros, did not see the emoticon…

  10. ash

    Mystery Knight, or In which Ashley falls asleep mid-recording.

  11. nadia

    This was a really good episode and it’s great to hear all 4 of you together for a change.
    And daeron is definitely gay! Even i got that, and i totally missed the whole Renly Loras thing the first time around.

  12. hesgay

    fiddler definitely gay

  13. Pod's Plight

    “I bet George was thinking of you when he wrote in Ser Kyle the enthusiastic dick sucker of men” -Mimi


  14. Jon

    I was so excited to see the title “Episode 99: The Mystery Knight” and 6 minutes in Mimi does not disappoint and references Dunk’s package in the comic book. 5 out 5 lemon cakes for this podcast!

  15. Jon


    I am not convinced Plumm was Bloodraven but he certainly could have been. But “The Fiddler” was as gay as the day is long.

  16. jesicka309

    Great episode guys! 😀

    oved hearing about the mystery knight, though it’s years since I read it.

    About John the Fiddler….surely some of his supporters knew he was gay…in which case…weren’t they worried he wouldn’t/didn’t have heirs? Or did they expect Bittersteel to swoop in and take over after john had rallied the troops, so to speak?

  17. Zeyik

    There are still other Blackfyres around so him being gay doesn’t make much difference. As long as he can prove his worth, people will follow.

  18. Bentley

    I love listening to you guys get blazed and talk about Ice and Fire!

  19. Zeyik

    This episode was hilarious! I spit water all over my PC monitor. Thanks house Manwoody. Do not drink while listening.

    Amin- laying seeds for a Blackwoody rebellion??

    The fiddler is gay, end of story.

  20. Nathan

    I do appreciate Amin making a strong case using subtle and not so subtle subtext that the Fiddler and Ser Alyn are gay. As a gay fan of the ASOIAF, I appreciate that George can place interesting gay characters in a feudal society, but locating them can be frustrating due to the limited points of view we get to see the world from. There is a fun in the discovery of gay characters through some of the cluelessness of the POVs (and sometimes Kyle), even though it would be great for a gay POV.

  21. Usurpationblitz

    Jon Connington seems to be gay and he’s a POV.

  22. Nathan

    You’re right. Even though I’m not sure it counts if it takes so much work to figure it out for a POV.

  23. brynden

    Great episode guys. Thank you so much. Did Ashley really fall asleep?

  24. ash

    you know that stage where you’re kind of on the verge of lucid dreaming but still kind of conscious? yeah, that’s how tired I was.

  25. Lezuzius

    I’m re-listening ep.31. (the second Dunk and Egg story) before this one, and I noticed something when you reviewed the GoT pilot news and casting: the Rose hate was foreshadowed by Chase. It’s really funny how it turned out 2-3 years later.

  26. Arnel

    HAHAHAHA. “Fiddle with his dick!” Priceless

  27. Jon

    This is the only episode where afterwards I was motivated to reread the material and then listen to the entire episode a second time. You all did a great job and have come a long way from your shocking lack of knowledge days. 😉 And no it wasn’t me who said that about you.

  28. Kyle

    Thanks Jon! I’ve reread the Dunk and Egg novels so many times, but somehow I missed everything about the Fiddler.

  29. Kyle

    Hey everybody. What’s your favorite of the 3 D&E novels?

  30. NickSnow

    My favourite is The Mystery Knight. I thought that it was very mysterious and had some great character moments and Blackfyre/Targaryen history. BUT, I did read all three of them in a row, so that might have made a difference.

  31. FTWard

    TSS > THK >> TMK

  32. Pod's Plight


  33. Jon

    if (DE == ((TMK >>TSS) | 0xTHK) { GRRM.write(WOW); }

  34. Kyle

    Seems legit.

  35. Lex


  36. Kyle

    Damn is only I didn’t fail math I would know whats happening above. 😉

  37. Kyle


  38. ash

    i think it’s coding, but i could be wrong.


    I bet Mimi and Amin are rolling their eyes at us right now.

  39. Skagosi

    Seems I’m in the minority but:


    The Hedge Knight and the Mystery are variable sources for Targaryen lore and history, but I like how The Sworn Sword shows how big events ripple out and change political landscape of even the smallest of holdings. Trickle down chaos at work.

  40. Kyle

    I love how everyone has a different order. It just shows how good they all are.

  41. Rob

    Calling someone who is gay “The Fiddler” just doesn’t sit right with me for some reason…

    Saying that I’m not sure if he is gay. Are we interpreting drunken whimsy as sure signs of homosexuality? I know Martin is all about subtlety, and I don’t need to see a dick in a man’s mouth to know whether or not he’s gay, but I’m just not sure with Daemon. It’s clear Alyn Cockshaw is by the way he speaks about him. But it sounds more like a love that hasn’t been returned. Plus with a name like Cockshaw how can he not be. Amiright, guys? Hey…? *nudge, nudge*

  42. Rob

    Also I think The Hedge Knight is my favourite think Martin has ever written, let alone the best of the D & E books.

  43. Kyle

    Aha! Someone on my side.

  44. Rob

    I got yo’ back, Kyle.

  45. Jeremy

    I got through half the episode and decided to stop and re-read TMK. I was able to follow along much better with the story fresh in my mind. I hadn’t read the story since Warriors first came out.
    Great episode.
    Yeah – I think the Fiddler was coming on to Dunk.
    Yeah – I think Maynard Plumm is Bloodraven.

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