Feedback, Comments and Contacting Us

Some of you might have been wondering how you can get in contact with us. Well boy howdy, we’ve got the answers to all your questions right here!

You can send us any questions, comments, declarations of love, show ideas, etc. via the comment box to the right, which goes straight to iceandfirepodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow and message us on Twitter @apoiaf. But the newest, most fangdangled contraption Amin has managed to rig up is the Skype voice mail system.  Simply call up the user APOIAF, wait for the beep and leave your message. Voice only, please, as text will not be received.  Who knows, you may even appear in an episode! Although if you don’t want to be put on air, please specify that.

If you would like to guest host on the days we’re missing a member, feel free let us know. We usually record on Thursday nights at 8-10pm CST, so make sure you’ve got the schedule for that.

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  1. Anthony S

    Was just thinking randomly, you guys ever stop and realize we are the old school fans? or, going to be? If HBO makes it a full series with 1 or more seasons, there will be millions of fans, but know one will see the world of Ice and Fire the way we do. Well unless they read each book a few times, but even then we will have years of pondering and debating on them.

    Anyways, just a thought out loud is all, as I finished listening to your latest episode. Keep it up.


  2. Пестилънс

    Guys, George recently made a blog entry revealing a bit of progress on Dance.

    I find it interesting that he makes a mention of some “Meerenese knot” that he’s been working on since 2005 (basically, since Feast was released). What I make of this is that there is some serious continuity issue that he has to… untie in order for the series to make sense. Thoughts?


  3. Taelor M.

    About webelos, the first explanation is right.


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