A Flight of Sorrows Revealed

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows is coming out a month from today, and to celebrate, we’re letting you all in on a little secret: the book’s complete lineup (which, we’re delighted to finally share, includes a few more friendly faces from the Ice and Fire community).

Here we go:

    Foreword – Phil Bicking, editor-in-chief of WinterIsComing.net
    And Now It Begins…

    Introduction – Marc N. Kleinhenz, editor
    All along the Watchtower

    “Under the Bleeding Star” – Stefan Sasse, essayist at Tower of the Hand and co-host of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour
    On the role of prophecy in songs of ice and fire

    “Daggers in the Dark” – Miles Schneiderman, essayist at Tower of the Hand
    The ultimate fates of protagonists, from A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons

    “The Prince That Illyrio Promised” – Alexander Smith, co-founder of Tower of the Hand
    Exploring the identity of – and the aim of the conspiracy around – Aegon Targaryen

    “A Game of Beds” – Amin Javadi, co-host of A Podcast of Ice and Fire
    Marital infidelity, adultery, and fandom theories in A Song of Ice and Fire

    “Every Case Is Different, Every Case Is Alike” – John Jasmin, co-founder of Tower of the Hand
    Investigating murder investigations in Westeros

    “You Win or You Sit the Bench” – Douglas Cohen, author and former editor of Realms of Fantasy magazine
    Power ranking – NFL style – the top contenders in the game of thrones

    “The Narratives of Winter” – Marc N. Kleinhenz, editor
    Discerning the structure of Martin’s saga and teasing out its final act

    “The Telltale Knight” – Mimi Hoshut, co-host of A Podcast of Ice and Fire
    The narrative parallels and foreshadowing of the Tales of Dunk and Egg

    Afterword – Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, co-author of InnattheCrossroads.com and A Feast of Ice and Fire
    Just Desserts

    Appendix I: What’s a Game of Thrones without the Tower of the Hand?
    Appendix II: The Creaking Door of House Manwoody

As you can see, it’s a packed house, and we’re excited to squeeze you into the nerdfest, as well.

(Note: the two appendices are previously published material – one at Corona’s Coming Attractions, the other at Tower of the Hand itself – that interviews the respective braintrusts behind TOTH and A Podcast of Ice and Fire. It’s collected here to heighten the reader’s enjoyment of these two wacky-but-popular ASOIAF staples.)

A Flight of Sorrows goes on sale on October 13th, exclusively at Amazon, for $5.99.

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  1. Linecom1

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh so looking forward to stephan sasse essay, alex smith’s essay, amin’s essay duh…..i hope he puts in all the apoiafisms in there too. teh power rankings one………also mimi’s of course!! will definitely buy

    ps. why do i feel like mimi’s last name is either supposed to be khan, khal, or targaryan? weird……..


  2. jesicka309

    Where is the dick jokes chapter??? :p


  3. teddard

    i think it will be inculded in Amin’s article.


  4. Linda

    Can’t wait for this! :D


  5. Erinyes

    Still no joy finding this on amazon or will it NOT be available to buy online?!?!?


    Marc N. Kleinhenz

    It’ll most certainly be available via Amazon on October 13th. We’re attempting to get a pre-order page up as soon as possible, but considering that my first boy was born yesterday, things are a bit chaotic right now. =)


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