Fanart Gallery

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George’s reaction to receiving the second MS paint artbook from us (Mimi, Comic Con 2014)

“Ice and Fire,” by Azad (http://coiaf.tumblr.com)

Thanksgiving at Summerhall (drawn by Pod’s Plight): “The Tragedy of Summerhall” as referenced by Amin in episode 122: The Telltale Mimo.

Check out APOIAF the Comic, Drawn by listener Dickon Manwoody

“Family Tree,” recorded by Maester Bryden (Master of History in the Queen’s Large Council)

“A Pokemon of Ice and Fire,” by @vaarsuvius_

 By PieWhoWasPromised

“Podcast Portrait,” by @vaarsuvius_

“The Queenmaker,” by Rosie

Valentine’s Day in Westeros by Vaarsuvius – inspired by Episode 133

“Forever Bitter,” by zeyik (inspired by episode 40)