Fanart Gallery

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George’s reaction to receiving the second MS paint artbook from us (Mimi, Comic Con 2014)


“Ice and Fire,” by Azad (http://coiaf.tumblr.com)


Thanksgiving at Summerhall (drawn by Pod’s Plight): “The Tragedy of Summerhall” as referenced by Amin in episode 122: The Telltale Mimo.

“Family Tree,” recorded by Maester Bryden (Master of History in the Queen’s Large Council)


“A Pokemon of Ice and Fire,” by @vaarsuvius_


“Beneath the Gold, the Bitter Woody,” by PieWhoWasPromised

“Podcast Portrait,” by @vaarsuvius_

“The Queenmaker,” by Rosie

Valentine’s Day in Westeros by Vaarsuvius – inspired by Episode 133


“BOK Harem,” by Rosie

“Manwoody Soup”, by Sisaat (inspired by episode 79)

“Forever Bitter,” by zeyik (inspired by episode 40)

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