Episode 164: Mustering the Manwoody

A Podcast of Ice and Fire returns triumphantly to our seventh year of podcasting,  as we Muster the Manwoody in preparation for the Podcast Awards. Mimi, Amin, and Kyle dub Vassals Alias and Madscientist into the exclusive Triple Gold Club , as we cover chapters 6 (Davos I) and 7 (Sansa I) of A Storm of Swords. Mimi talks about the upcoming Manwoody meetup in Seattle, and we cover in the aftershow, better late than never, ColdhandsGate (spoiler alert).

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Chapter 6 – Davos I (artist: jesicka309)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

Chapter 7 – Sansa I (artist: Nick Snow)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire

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  1. William

    For some reason, this wasn’t showing up for me on my phone like it normally does, but just opening episode 163 and changing the 3’s in the URL to 4’s, I can listen! I’m pretty excited.

  2. Nythyn

    Woop! Good episode. I guess this is where I comment to enter the competition?

  3. mannifesto

    kinda short of an episode , but it’s great to get new episodes and where is ashley??

  4. Anonymous

    Good Episode. Kyle should get y’all a mcDonalds sponsership due to his chowing down 😉

  5. FTWard

    Good job by the Hearthstone Brotherhood!
    Two of my favorite chapters.

  6. Amberrocks

    Fun show guys and Queen! Not sure why I enjoy the sound of people talking and eating so much, but I do, so thanks for that Kyle! I also appreciate my theory and the Best Ship Ever being addressed 😀

    Now where’s my Barristan video?!

  7. BWyld

    Once again a fantastic episode, one i have been looking forward to as the Sansa chapter is one of my favorites!!!

  8. Scilens

    So how much money are you getting from Mcdonalds for the advertising? = P

    Seriously though, great episode, as always.

  9. Lisavilisa

    Yay! an episode. I can’t express how happy I get it when these show up in my feed. It’s embarrassing.

    And yes, enter me in!

  10. Sandor Clegane

    ROAAR! the only think I hate more than my brother is no Ashley in the podcast!

  11. Claudiusthefool

    Give me Ser Barristan please!

    Also, way to go Alias and Madscientist on the Triple Gold Club. I’m sure Amber will send you your official medal any day now.

    (Even if the podcast doesn’t win, I’m sure we can muster the 15 Pounds or Euros or Magic Beans that is English currency to buy a message for APOIAF.

    Great episode crew!

  12. Ivana

    Olenna’s Targaryen betrothed was prince Daeron, Egg’s youngest son. They were betrothed since they were both 9, but Daeron (presumably inspired by the actions of his two elder brothers, who both ignored their political betrothals to marry for love) broke it off when he was 18. I don’t think it had anything to do with Olenna’s personality, though – she just had the wrong body parts, and Daeron seemed to have loved someone else: a young knight called Jeremy Norridge, whom he met when they were both squires in Highgarden.

  13. Jasmine

    love the episode and cant wait to see you guys at Ice and Fire Con!

  14. Andy

    Another good episode, keep it up guys.

    Can’t wait for the next one

  15. Mormont Face

    The implications of Varys being bald: he’s hiding his merman fin under a bald cap.

  16. Travis

    Wouldn’t the “Christian” religion be the red God? Second coming, resurrection through death, etc… While the organization of the 7 is similar to that of the dark ages Roman Catholic church, the actual 7 reminds me more of the old Norse religion.

  17. Andrew

    This episode was really great, I hadn’t heard the “Varys is a Merlin” theory before, I don’t think I have enough tinfoil. I look forward to meeting y’all at Ice and Fire Con as well.

  18. witless chum

    Fun episode, thanks.

  19. Joey

    Wasnt the sex scene between Asha and Carl the maid kinda of rape-ee. So i dont understand how thats better then Jorah mac’n on Dany. I understand shes only like 13 but when I read these books I dont imagin her as 13 year old we know today i see her more how they seen teenagers in “those time”. So basically i age everybody up no matter what about 5-10 years compared to the ages we see today.

    Sorry I always gotta stick up for my man Jorah, you know except when hes slavin.

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