News Bulletin

Three things:

1. We are now officially podcastoficeandfire.com, after heavy deliberation. Anjou’s bastardsoficeandfire.com idea was a close second, and Mo’s hotpieissexxy.com suggestion required intense consideration. That link will redirect you to this blog for now, until we can persuade someone to help us construct a website.

2. We might also be looking to take on a new host for our podcast, since Ben has been missing in action. His shoes are hard to fill, and we’ve had a lot of offers from listeners who’d like to contribute so at this point it’s hard to choose. This decision may very well have to be settled with a joust to the death. Keep listening and reading for more info.

3. Give us topic ideas! We’ve been working on trivia questions and tossing a few ideas around but we’d rather give you what you want to hear. We’re recording again soon and want this one to be solely concentrated on listener suggestions, so leave them here. This will be Mimi’s homecoming episode so expect really terrible innuendo.

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  1. Wormlips



  2. mimi

    noooooo, don’t say it! i think tommen just retired for a bit.


  3. rik

    Hey guys congrats on your domain name, makes you seem more professional!

    Not a huge idea but it’d be nice to have some artwork that shows up like album art on an iPod etc. Not that I can draw or help.

    I’d like a spoilers episode I know it’s in your “manifesto” u won’t but it sounds like some of ya have looked at em..

    Lastly hate to moan about him know he’s busy but Martin had Ireland in his apperances for months then it disappeared!

    I know the guy deserves privacy but he posted from livejournal from Ireland just to tease us. No apperances bloody Spanish.

    I’m not really that pissed off he’s back… 2010 and if I get Dance before that I’ll be happy.

    Sorry for the essay, lunch break:)


  4. Aaron

    We have no control over getting any sort of art along with the feed until we change the program / method we currently use to upload content.

    Incidentally, while we’re looking for a new member, it would be a big plus if you’re a web development guru, as you could help out on that end. So look for more details on that coming up if you’re interested at all.


  5. oxmix

    Okay, you want ideas, I got ideas.

    1. My previously posted “outrageous theories” theme. People hate outrageous theories they don’t agree with. By the way, did you know Euron is a child molester?

    2. The Character Connection Game. It goes like this: x reminds me of y, where x is a SOIAF character and y is another SOIAF character, or another fictional character, or an historical figure or anybody.


    Craster reminds me of Lord Frey
    Marwyn reminds me of Merlin
    Robert reminds me of Henry VIII
    Tyrion reminds me of Richard III
    Dany reminds me of any Harlequin Romance heroine
    Arya reminds me of The Stranger
    Sam reminds me of GRRM

    3. Walls [obscure SCTV reference]

    4. The Love and Hate Show. It goes like this: I hate _______because ____ and I love _________ because _____. You can get half an hour just out of Sansa and Arya on this one.

    5. The Sex Show. Obvious right? Sex sells. Subtopics: Incest, genetics, prostitution, age of consent, homosexuality, general hotness, beauty contests, and what do men do for fun in the Night’s Watch.

    Everything reminds you of something else.


  6. Ash

    wait, didn’t we do a sex episode :P i think we may be required to do one every 6 months just so that our regular episodes don’t get bogged down with references to the fact that the girls of the podcast do indeed have breasts (though i think i keep editing it out). i like the outrages theories episode. mainly cause i’m gullible and pretty much fall for everyone i read. btw, i’m now convinced that Sandor is the PtwP and is gonna totally pwn Rhollar in the ass.


  7. oxmix

    Ooops. You’re right. There are actually two episodes on “romantic relationships,” cryptically titled “tyrion the catcher” and “the reason for fishwives.” (I bet those phrases don’t get run through search engines too often.)

    And I like the idea of Sandor with a magic flaming sword chasing down the fire god.


  8. Anonymous

    oxmix’s got some pretty good ideas. Especially #1 and #5. ;]


  9. John Preiato

    Hey guys,

    Just a few suggestions for future episodes:

    - The R+L=J episode. I suppose this has been done to death on the forums, but Jon’s parentage is just too important a topic for the podcast not to discuss in detail.

    - I second oxmix’s suggestion to do a “crackpot theories” episode – I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas on theories of the “Jeyne is pregnant” and “Sam is Aegon” nature.

    - The “Game of Thrones” episode: who is playing the game? Who plays it well? Who doesn’t play it well? Who is winning the game? Who will win it in the end?

    - The Iron Throne episode: who is/would have been/was the best person to lead Westeros? Dany? Jon? Stannis? Tywin? Euron? Robert? Rhaegar?

    Anyway great work so far guys. I’m looking forward to the trivia episode. Who is going to be the quizmaster?


  10. lina

    Do a shipping episode, just to annoy Chris.


  11. Slurpee_E

    Congrats on the domain. It makes you 2 legit 2 quit.

    I like oxmix’s character connection game. It seems like a topic you guys could run with. Henry VIII is exactly who I pictured when reading about Robert Baratheon.


  12. oxmix

    R + L = J? What does that mean?

    Just kidding.

    I agree, John P. Good topic.

    And thanks to all for the compliments.


  13. Avernaith

    A lot of great suggestions were put forth ahead of me so I’ll just echo them.
    x)A Shipping episode would rock
    x)Crackpot theories episode
    x)Who is really Aegon? episode
    x)Things you never knew you never knew episode.

    Please no more artwork or other visual episodes, for all intents this is an audio program only.

    Please no more what if? episodes since they are so fruitless.


  14. Ellie

    Thematic episodes are good. But it might not be the worst idea to go through the books. You know, First 20 chapters of Game of Thrones is an episode, and so on.

    If you did that, I would pick up the books again, just to read along and really think about the books in sections.


  15. Ellie

    Also – my big priority for your new podcaster is someone gay. as a lesbian, listening to y’all chatter about us gays and lesbians is PAINful.

    :) especially mimi, no offense, girl. you have a delicious voice.


  16. mimi

    ellie – good news, that’s what we’re doing! i had originally wanted to structure our episodes as a chronological re-read from the very beginning, but we figured it’d be less daunting if we went ahead and based our first ten or so episodes around generalized themes so as to have more to talk about.

    and unfortunately, no one with a gay insight offered to join our podcast, but i agree with you that it would up the diversity of the crew. and yes, our banter is absolutely ridiculous and i can understand that it must be painful for you to hear it. if you ever want to guest host with us and set us straight (no pun intended), you’re more than welcome to!


  17. ellie

    Yay! I am so happy about this, now I’m taking GoT and my iPod on a cross-country plane ride that will be much less boring.



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