News from Westeros

Kyle has been making some more content for our youtube page – check out News From Westeros, the first three episodes are out now.

Notes: In other news, the editor of the A Flight of Sorrows (the ebook Mimi and Amin contributed to) has recently released his own ebook: It is Known: An Analysis of Thrones, Vol II.

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  1. jesicka309

    I’m totally having a jealousy crisis over that Paint Project book behind you.

    Mine will be better…hopefully….but not signed by GRRM….arg!

    Great work Kyle really enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Kyle

    That’s the infamous “To Mike” paint book.

  3. jesicka309

    Haha nice.

    Though it’s a shame your foreword is in the first book I just made, so you won’t be able to see it unless you purchase another one haha.

  4. brynden

    thanks kyle for your work! not only do you take your time to record podcast-episode, but now also videos, great!

  5. Lothen

    Kyle is easily the hottest podcast member.

  6. Kyle

    Well we have the winner of best listener ever right here.

  7. Lex

    I’m rocking the same calendar, and it’s awesome. Better than the last couple years.

  8. Kyle

    It is sexy. What is next year? Battles of Westeros?

  9. Your a Geek at the Top of the Charts! Is that the hardbound one volume Lord of the Rings next to the calendar?

    Just as surprised as you the GoT Exhibition is not stopping in LA, but Im in New York and going to see it on the 28th 😉

    Any APOIAF hosts or listeners heading into NYC to see it?

    Cheers and fantastic job!


  10. Kyle

    Yes it is the one volume LotR.

  11. Totally understand the surprise and disappointment that the GoT Exhibition isn’t going to La-la land but how did they miss London!?!?!?

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