A Song of Ice and Fire Christmas Filks 2013

Happy Holidays everyone! Full lyrics and singer list are located in this forum thread.

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  1. jesicka309

    Wow everyone, really good effort. Once again, apologies for my poor contributions, but I think everyone else made up for it!!

    SO when is Jed’s Christmas album coming out? I would SO play Jed’s Christmas filks at my Christmas dinner, though some songs may offend (hehe any song with Theon in it!)
    Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. Usurpationblitz

    I thought everyone did a great job. If I would make one quick suggestion, add the lyrics in the video description. I shared the video with a few members of my family today, and some of them couldn’t understand what was being sung (it was loud in the house). I think adding the lyrics would be a good idea.

    Anyways, Happy Holidays. And thank you, everyone, for a great Holiday Gift for this great House.

  3. Lady_Grey

    Good job Everyone.

    Jesicka you’re hilarious and amazing. Te back to back Quent songs were a highlight.

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