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For the next episode, we’ll be discussing deaths in the series. If you have any theories, questions, or points for debate you want to contribute, please let us know!

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  1. Slurpee_E

    Having trouble subscribing with the itunes link. Details in the *Gurl talk* thread. The RSS feed works great with My Yahoo though.


  2. mimi

    problem fixed. thanks!


  3. Steve

    I think one topic of discussion should be “What were Ned’s last thoughts?” — this was taken from the ASOIAF forums.

    Also, maybe discuss faux-deaths? Like the theory that baby Aegon didn’t actually die, or Syrio Forel, or even Gregor Clegane’s new position in the series.

    Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it! Do you have any idea how much time you are shooting for between episodes?


  4. Mimi

    awesome ideas, steve. both very interesting points. i had not considered ned’s possible last thoughts yet, but now that’ll be on my mind for a while.
    as much as i’d like to publish episodes on a weekly basis like most podcasts i listen to, i think it’s too much pressure on the rest of the crew (especially since ashley alone does all the editing). so you should expect at least a week in between episodes, if not a bit more.


  5. lapse

    FYI, your link to the westeros.org forums is messed up.

    Also, just curious… not that it really matters… but is there a reason that this entire site is written without a single capital letter?


  6. mimi

    gotcha. i fixed the link.
    as for capitalization, i personally prefer the look of lowercase letters. if it’s really off-putting, i can alter it. but stylistically, it’s just what i default to when i type or blog.


  7. Jakob Lightbringer

    Great first podcast, guys. The group dynamic seems to click very well.
    Mimi, what University in Texas do you attend — we need more representation in the Texas chapter of Brotherhood Without Banners?

    As for the deaths discussion, as steve said, you absolutely *have* to talk about Eddard’s untimely death. But in addition you may want to consider just a few others:
    * Bran’s attempted assassination
    * Syrio Forel (is he dead?)
    * Arya’s many killings (the stable boy, the 3 names whispered to Jaquen H’gar, the guard at Harrenhall, the squire and the Tickler at the inn, etc.)
    * The Death of Khal Drogo / Dany’s Child / Miri Maz’Durr — compare the birthing of the dragons to the story of the forging of Lightbringer.
    * Renly’s Assassination
    * Melisandre’s shadow birthing
    * The slaughter of Winterfell.
    * Theon Greyjoy (is he dead? is he flayed alive or was it just his finger?)
    * Assasination attempts on Dany (Those Sorrowful Men are some pretty sorry assassins, am I right?)
    * The Faceless Men (Valar Morghulis)
    * Joffrey’s murder
    * The Red Wedding
    * The Red Viper
    * Gregor Clegane (Is Maester Qyburn building a Frankenstein monster?)
    * Sandor’s “Death” and the appearance of his horse and the mysterious “gravedigger” at Quiet Isle
    * The Wights (zombies)
    * The Others (raising zombies / taking Craster’s Children?)
    * Thoros of Myr’s “breath of fire” and Beric Dondarion’s many lives
    * Catelyn / Stoneheart
    * Damphair’s “breath of life”
    Eh, that should be enough to get you started anyway. ;)


  8. Mimi

    hi jakob, thanks for listening, and all those suggestions! you made some awesome points for discussion, but unfortunately we’ve already recorded the second episode. i’m going through your list and totally mentally beating myself up for not mentioning some of those issues. but there’s always next time!

    i attend university of texas at dallas. i was just thinking of joining brotherhood without banners just the other day. are there any events or activities going on in the texas chapter?


  9. Amin

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Jakob that’s a great list, thanks. As Mimi said we have recorded the 2nd episode, and we didn’t cover all of those listed, but you’ll probably enjoy it. I suspect that you and I have similar views on Sandor and some of those listed here.


  10. uriptical.com

    Hi, great podcast you have here. I’m having a bit of trouble subscribing via iTunes. The podcast is also not shown if I search the iTunes Store for “A Podcast of Ice and Fire”.


  11. a podcast of ice and fire

    hi, thanks for listening and letting us know that the subscribing option was defected! i just went back and fixed the link on the itunes icon, everything should be working properly now. since we had a layout change, i accidentally overlooked the code for that section.

    we’re currently not listed in the itunes store now, but we’re working on it!

    - mimi


  12. Michael Pray

    Hey guys,

    I found your podcast today and was completely blown away by the fact that this particular podcast about ASOIAF exists. After listening to your first 3 podcasts I would really like to contribute and be a part of your operation if possible. I believe I could be of extreme value as part of your team because I am able to retain information in an Old Gods kinda way. I will even try out if you prefer. After hearing yout podcast I realized that I NEED to be a part of your team. I am extremely emotionally involved with the series and I think that you will appreciate my contributions. Please email me at mpray1983@yahoo.com and I promise that you will not be disappointed.

    Mike Pray


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