Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows Release

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows has just been released today! Mimi and Amin are contributing authors to this work. For the full list of authors, check out our previous post below. For those interested, you can purchase it from Amazon here.



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  1. Mimi and Amin, you guys did incredible work. I’m not only proud to have it in the book, I’m also extremely grateful you humored us by tagging along.




  2. Linecom1

    congratulations guys. Mimi’s essay was amazingly done, it’s nice to know that when our queen needs to roll up her sleeves, put the dick jokes in the lock box, and put her scholastic cap on, she is an extremely talented writer and is also “Not to be fucked with…”.


  3. Hi guys, really enjoyed the episode and can’t wait to really hear you get into the Blackfyre rebellion. But most of all, as a Londoner, kudos to Amin for acknowledging that UK English is basically the canon from which everyone else is basically fan-fic’ing deviant spelling!


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