Vote for Vassals of Kingsgrave in the Podcast Awards



Thanks to the loyal listeners of House Manwoody, the Vassals of Kingsgrave have been nominated for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards.

Voting closes on March 24, at 2100 EST. However, you can vote each and every one of those 22 days, starting with today.

Step 1: Go to this website: http://www.PodcastAwards.com/
Step 2: Select “Vassals of Kingsgrave” in the General category.
Step 3: Scroll to the bottom, and enter your name and email, followed by “Submit”.
Step 4: Go to your email inbox, and verify your vote.
Step 5: Have a Kit Kat. You’ve earned it! ;)


So be sure to share, retweet, reblog, do whatever it is Tumblr does, and loose your ravens to every corner of the realm.


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