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Greetings from the Dothraki sea, everyone! And by Dothraki sea, I mean Mongolian steppes.

First and foremost, the podcast crew would like thank everyone who has been leaving interesting, funny, and awesome comments on our blog. We love reading the replies so much that we want you to record them! Send us an audio mp3 file of your insights, questions, and general feedback to staff@podcastoficeandfire.com. We would love to include listener sound bites in our future episodes so we can discuss and respond. Windows Sound Recorder and Audacity are great, easy tools to record an mp3 with. If you have any questions about how, don’t be afraid to ask!

Secondly, we’d like to start receiving email submissions of questions for two upcoming episodes: the What If? podcast and the Ultimate ASOIAF Trivia Contest.

Ask us the “what if…” scenarios that were always on your mind as you read through the books. What if Ned had taken Renly’s or Littlefinger’s advice during the last hours of Robert’s reign? What if Khal Drogo had survived and took the Dothraki to Westeros? What if the Starks had stayed in Winterfell?

For the trivia contest, pose some great questions! We need a lot, ranging from mildly easy to mind-rackingly difficult. Try to avoid the no-brainers like “What is the first book of the series called?” as well as the tediously detailed ones that require book consultation such as “What is the third word of the fourth paragraph in the UK edition of A Clash for Kings?”. Send us as many or as few as you’d like, we’d like to make this episode a big group effort.

staff@podcastoficeandfire.com.  Get emailing and you’ll get some love letters in return!*

*love letters not guaranteed

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  1. lina

    Guys, I am so addicted to your podcast now. I’m jonesing for the next ep. (And thinking up trivia questions. :D )


  2. Rick

    Hey i’m gonna pose a question i’ve discussed with friends who read the books. It’s prob already been discussed at length on forums but i’m browsing on my phone so can’t be arsed searching :?
    What pov character do you think dani will meet first. This is something i’ve had a problem with due to a lack of geographical knowledge. I’ve been listening to the audiobooks recently havn’t picked up the books in a while. Am i right in saying sam tyrion and aria are the closest?


  3. Mimi

    rick – sam is in oldtown now, so he is no longer close. as far as we know from AFFC, victarion greyjoy is headed to seek dany specifically. and arya is in braavos, which is closer than westeros, but i assume it’s still rather distant from mereen. and finally, concerning tyrion…well, we’re not discussing spoilers for ADWD here. :)


  4. Aaron

    Regarding Victarion — I’m not sure if they even know where they are looking.

    If I remember right, when sam was pulling into Oldtown, they saw a wreckage of a ship with Euron’s crow eye insignia.

    Then again I was reading this at about 5 in the morning on one of my late shifts, so I could be hallucinating it. I don’t have my books with me to check.


  5. Rick

    Ah yeah sorry i mentioned that forgot…
    Can’t sam sail the archmaester dude is doing that right? I don’t really see how sam can complete his chain and return to the wall in the remaining books unless skips forward a couple of years or Martin does a montage :) .


  6. Amin

    Yeah, let’s get some audio comments people =)


  7. Aaron


    A Goon found this over at the ASOIAF thread at SA.


    The URL tag worked this time, except it said ‘#’ is an illegal character therefore I can’t post it… even though it works just fine in the preview.


    I take back my Google love. Blogger is retarded.


  8. Anjou

    ah yes, I discovered those a few months back. I have two of them for my back ground.

    Linux Partition= Young Wolf

    Windows Partition= Red Wedding

    I don’t like using Windows obviously.


  9. Anonymous

    I love this podcast too much. Mayhaps the gang should play ‘lord of the crossing’ as done by Bran and the Walders. Without water, that is.


  10. Mo

    I would just like to say, the ladies of this podcast are smokin’ hot! Like “I’d take you to the Opera” hOt!

    And I think all the men should try out for American Gladiators! (Especially Amin, cause his profile picture terrifies me!) And that’s really all I can say about the guys without turning into Renly…

    My knowledge is not that expansive, but I am always willing to contribute! Good luck and Godspeed!


  11. Jovi

    The girls are hot, but I’m pretty sure they are all gay. And Amin is an american gladiator. Muahahaha.


  12. Anjou

    wow, thats awesome!


  13. Amin

    If you’ve all got ideas for the “What if” episodes, please get them in asap, including audio comments/suggestions.


  14. Anjou

    Ya know, I was reading a post at tower of the hand and read an interesting tid bit about how some House’s appear and act like football teams. No wonder I love the books so much!


  15. rik

    That red wedding pic is great!

    Whens the next podcast??? Just finished George R R Martins podcasts, wish he had continued them tho i suppose a new book would be preferable.

    I must have really bad eyesight i always end up having to retry this bloody verification.


  16. lina

    We’re being punished for not sending them enough email.


  17. Amin

    We’re doing the what if episode very soon. If someone sends in an audio question for that asap, it has a good chance of being chosen for the show.


  18. Aaron

    I’m doing post-processing on the prophecies episode right now. Should have it posted in a few hours.


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