Where Did The Whores Go?

As you may have noticed, we’re a couple of podcasts behind our weekly publication. A couple of listeners have asked when our next episode will go up. But things have been super hectic recently within the crew.

Mimi is in the process of graduating, moving out, and is flying to Mongolia in one week. Chris is taking night classes that conflict with the routine recording schedule and has a lot going on with work. Aaron is busy with finals and eating ice cream. Ashley 1 has recently suffered the loss of a close friend in her life, for which she has all of our condolences and the understanding that the podcast is definitely not a priority for her right now.

We can’t guarantee any timely publications as of right now, because it’s hard getting everyone together amidst all of our personal issues currently. But here is what we know for sure will be gracing your ears in due time:

Episode 6, already recorded and undergoing editing. This one is a mini-episode since it doesn’t feature real discussion, but it’s relevant to the books (and somewhat interactive!) and will (hopefully) be funny.

Episode 7, the big prophecies podcast. It’s taken a long time for us to get around to this one because we want to do it justice. We’ll be recording it this week.

As well as two more, guys night out and girls night out episodes. Apparently these are sneaky, competitive, secretive recordings and I have no idea what will be featured in either. But expect bad jokes!

Thanks for being so patient with us, we love reading the recent comments and discussion on the blog!

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  1. Michael Natale

    Real life gets in the way of everything fun.

    Looking forward to more ASoIaF goodness.


  2. Jovi

    Ashley one…my deepest sympathies.

    Chris…we all know you’re never going to graduate so stop taking classes.

    Aaron…ice cream is very fattening.

    Mimi…what the fuck is in Mongolia?

    Looking forward to the whores returning. :)


  3. mimi

    jovi – mongolia is home.


  4. Jovi

    Oh yah? I saw on a Discovery Channel special that some Mongolian’s are convinced that Ghenghis Khan will be reborn and lead modern Mongolia to glory. Perhaps that’s you. ;)

    Have an entertaining and safe trip.


  5. KyleM

    Speaking of Genghis Khan, I heard there is a new movie coming out about his rise to power. Called Mongol. Trailer looks pretty intriguing.

    Well that took a terrible tangent. Back to the real comments.


  6. Mo

    Have you ever been to Mongolia? Its the badass capital of the world! The goddamn Gobi Desert! Let’s not forget the awesomeness that is Siberia, I know that’s Russia but. . . okay let’s just say that general area is a breeding ground for badass people.

    Anyone who talks bad about that area obvious knows nothing about how awesome it is!

    May the force be with you all in your quest for ASOIAF Podcast!


  7. Amin

    Guys night out has been recorded, and will be released soon =)


  8. mimi

    kylem – i’ve been waiting for mongol to come to america. while i’m a little iffy about tadanobu asano portraying temujin, i really like him as an actor and think he’ll do the role justice. i’ve heard the entire story is pretty historically inaccurate though.

    mo – agreed to the utmost, with bias. i was born and raised in mongolia, and i still hold citizenship there. it is, indeed, a badass region. :)


  9. Mo

    I wish I had Mongolian citizenship/heritage. Then I could just be all like, ya well I’m from Mongolia bitches! And then everyone would know how awesome I was! Instead of being an awesome Dothraki, I’m a Greyjoy. Big hairy vikings who drink, rape and pillage. That’s my heritage.

    Funny story. I went to a GRRM book signing and my friend asked him what the finger dance was because we thought it was like mumblepeg. But apparently its just guys throwing and catching axes. In my opinion this is why the Greyjoy’s are always getting bitch slapped. Because they play stupid games!


  10. KyleM

    mimi – I’m embarressed to admit I have never seen tadanobu asano’s work. And I call myself an actor. I’m ashamed. And as for historical inaccurate, isnt that the defination of movie? haha.

    Have a great time at home.

    P.S. Pardon my spelling. It never was a strength of mine.


  11. Jovi

    I just saw the trailer for “Mongol”, it looks pretty amazing, can’t wait to see it.


  12. SoS_AP_5

    Хай, Мими, хау ис Монголия?
    Кам бак сун. ^^

    Sorry, I just had to show off here. (:

    Anyways, your break is well deserved, guys. Overcome your predicaments and come back to us.


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