Episode 126: Root and Stem

Episode 126 for the week of November 24th, in which  Amin and Kyle are joined by another Vassals of Kingsgrave podcaster Julia (No True Lady). We continue our chapter reread of A Clash of Kings with chapters 44 (Jon V) and 45 (Tyrion X).

Notes:  We are collecting songs for another Christmas Filks episode this holiday season. Check out the forum thread and last year’s award winning episode for more information. Our podcast store has free affiliate links running for your holiday season shopping. Finally, check out the recap from the first ever APOIAF listener meetup in Australia.

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  1. Sir Hantang

    Julia is incorrect about them not finding a horn in the Frost Fangs. Mance did discover a giant horn but then lied to Jon about it being the ‘Horn of Winter’.

    In ADWD, Tormund Giantsbane later admit to Jon that they never found the true horn or winter.

    Melisandre then sets that horn on fire.

  2. Lordling

    Ahhh…you beat me to it!
    Yes. Jon X ASOS
    “The horn was huge, eight feet along the curve and so wide at the mouth that he could have put his arm inside up to the elbow.”

  3. Kyle

    Ahhh another horn to confuse me more!

  4. Don’t forget Melisandre’s offer to blow Jon’s horn.

  5. Kyle


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