Episode 239: The Tournament of Ice and Fire

Episode 239 for the week of February 24, 2019, in which we cover chapter 64 (Davos VI) of A Storm of Swords. We are joined by returning guest hosts Jon (eigenvector), Thomas (FTWard), and Leigh (LordManberBlee) from the forums to discuss our survey in support for another official A Game of Thrones: The Board Game 2nd edition tournament  to succeed the one at Days of Ice and Fire 2013.

We chat about the board game in general, including our experiences playing online and in person at Ice and Fire Con and Days of Ice and Fire, with the different factions and strategies involved.

Notes: For our listeners that play the board game or know anyone that does, please check out and share our survey collecting statistics in support of another official tournament.  The six player fan variant version of A Feast for Crows. The screenshots of the 3 current AFFC games.

Chapter 64 – Davos VI (artist: JoThirteen)
A Storm of Swords Drawing Project, Podcast of Ice and Fire


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  1. Jonathan eigne

    My favorite ice and fire themed podcast!

  2. FTWard

    Great to have Leigh back!
    Looking forward to seeing Jon at Ice and Fire Con and playing some games!
    This can count as my Fantasy Football Championship appearance for the last two years so you need to get creepy nuncle Kevin on…

  3. Jeremy

    Great episode, love the board game!

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