Tower of the Hand: The Book

For the past seven years, ToweroftheHand.com has prided itself on being a premiere source of A Song of Ice and Fire analysis, information, and speculation. There has been nearly a metric ton of essays, forum posts, and encyclopedia entries logged at the site to date, all designed to give the hardest of the core fan the most rewarding experience possible while reading George R.R. Martin’s seminal novels. Consistently referred to in our podcast as our unofficial sponsor, TOTH has been an invaluable resource behind every episode we publish.

And now the editors are taking all those years of mastery and applying them to an ebook.

Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows takes five of the site’s most prolific authors – including its two founders – and draws out their best, most in-depth work yet. Unlike other Ice and Fire compendiums, the focus of these essays is on the narrative, character, and thematic elements of the story itself, as opposed to the literary aspects surrounding the books.

What role has prophecy played in the narrative thus far, and what might they really tell us about the future? Did Martin truly kill off one of his most beloved protagonists, and, if not, how can we tell for sure? Who exactly is the Young Griffin, and what is the aim of the conspiracy surrounding him? And just what is the overall structure of this epic, convoluted story, anyway, and what might it tell us of the upcoming final stretch?

Even better, the TOTH editors are joined by some of their good friends, who just so happen to be leading voices in the Game of Thrones community. Amin Javadi and Mimi Hoshut, co-hosts of the Podcast of Ice and Fire, tackle the role of infidelity in Westerosi society and the narrative clues and parallels of the Dunk and Egg novellas, while noted fantasy editor and author Douglas Cohen power ranks, NFL style, the top contenders in the game of thrones.

A Flight of Sorrows releases on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at the price of $5.99. It will be available exclusively at Amazon.com and is edited by Marc N. Kleinhenz, a freelance journalist who has written for 19 sites, including IGN, Comic Related, and Westeros.org. Other books he has written or edited include It Is Known: An Analysis of Thrones, Vol. I, another travelogue to Martin’s novels and television series, and the upcoming Green Switch Palace: A Year in the Life of Nintendo Fandom.

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Cooking with A Podcast of Ice and Fire


Ashley of A Podcast of Ice and Fire attempts to cook Cheese and Onion Pie from A Feast of Ice and Fire, a cook book written by the authors of The Inn at the Crossroads.


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Bastards of Kingsgrave: APOIAF’s Illegitimate Offspring

Bastards of Kingrave Banner

The Bastards of Kingsgrave (BOK) is a bastard podcast, an offshoot of A Podcast of Ice and Fire. BOK was founded in May 2012, to allow the 4 podcast hosts as well as their listeners and forum members to occasionally podcast about a variety of other topics, including TV shows, movies, novels, comics, games, etc.

One feature of BOK is that the hosts and the majority of our guests are fans of ASOIAF, active on our forums, and are aware of the terminology and jokes developed during the four year run (so far) of our ASOIAF podcast. BOK is also even more informal than APOIAF, with minimal episode editing, PG25 status, and an even greater shocking lack of knowledge.

To discuss BOK episodes in detail, to suggest future episodes topics, or to guest host with us, check out the BOK subforum, one of the forums at the main APOIAF website.

To subscribe to us, use the RSS feed on the BOK website, which will work in iTunes or any other RSS reader. If we get on the iTunes store we will let you know, but for the moment it is not a priority.

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Podcast Pictionary Nights!

What are you doing on Sunday nights, after watching Game of Thrones?  If your answer involves sitting in front of your computer, you might want to consider joining APOIAF in our epic House Manwoody Pictionary Nights, via iSketch. Check the forums for more information. And if you need convincing, look at this beautiful moment in time.

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A Hiatus of Podcasters


Also, why you should read the Song of Ice and Fire series.

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APOIAF now has a Facebook Page

Like us? Press this here button and declare your Manwoody worship for all your Facebook friends and family to behold. Our podcast is now moving away from our old Facebook group, and transitioning to a page that gives us an idea of how many fans we have (read: none). Join up and let your Blackwoody sigil fly!

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APOIAF Guest Hosts Meet GRRM

Check out these handsome gentlemen chilling with George R.R. Martin at today’s book signing in Pasadena, CA.  The top photo belongs to Kyle (who you might remember from the previous episode), and the second photo is Sebastian (our new guest host for the just-recorded episode 34).  You’ll get to hear both of them discuss their experience on this next episode.  Excitement!

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Merry Christmas from APOIAF!

Thanks to your feedback and requests, the Podcast of Ice and Fire now has its own message board!  Check the forums link at the top of the site, or else click here to begin your magical adventure.  We know that Westeros is the go-to community for ASOIAF discussion, but if you ever need a place to let loose and debate midget sex, we are here for you.  Forever and always.

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Upcoming Holiday Episode

Believe it or not, we are planning to break our hiatus, and record an episode in mid December. We need your ideas for discussion topics, as well as comments and questions that we will respond to during the episode. Email them in to us: audio comments are best and will be played during the show, but we’ll take the usual text comments as well. Let us know how we’ve touched your lives and/or offended your ears.

We will be back to our regular podcasting schedule with a vengeance once the HBO series comes out in spring, but if you want us to start podcasting regularly before then we need your feedback.

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Dying Is Not Dead

You knew it was coming.

Official hiatus.

See you in the fall, revamped for the better.

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Needs More Hosts

As you can tell, The Podcast of Ice and Fire has been through its fair share of hosts over the past two years. There was the brief but illustrious reign of King Tommen, the unforgettable creepiness of Chris, Aaron’s party on the Quiet Isle, and the general fabulousness that was Ashley 2. Also not quite sure where Ashley 1 is, either.

This year has been a leap forward for A Song of Ice and Fire, with the greenlight on the HBO series and the pending publication of the third Dunk & Egg novella. The Podcast is ready to be more active, but we need your help. We want more hosts.

If you:

1. Have Skype and a mic,
2. Can reasonably free up a few hours once a week or every other week,
3. And mostly importantly, have a good sense of humor,

Send us an email and attach an audio clip. Tell us about yourself, about your ASOIAF fanaticism, and why you want to be a part of the crew. We would love to hear from you and have you on board (unless you are terrible).

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Call-In Show

Hi everyone!  To everyone’s surprise and dismay, the Podcast of Ice and Fire will be experimenting this weekend in this form of a call-in show.  We’ll need your participation to reach maximum sexiness levels.  This one will be a What If? episode, volume two.  We have some questions submitted, but hopefully we can get some live guests in to ask questions (and fact-check like bastards).

The show will be recorded on Sunday, August 16 at 11:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Central/2:00 PM Eastern. If you want to be included, please send us your Skype username via the contact bar on the right side of the website.  We will invite you in to participate during live recording on Sunday.

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The State of Things

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but we haven’t released in a couple weeks. Certain life issues have gotten in the way, for all of us, and until that all clears up we’ll be on a hiatus for at least a month. This is no Fenris Hiatus, I assure you that (if you understand that reference, high fucking five), but we’re not dead yet.

Please keep sending in any show ideas (What Ifs? Hedge Knight, HBO series, etc), feedback, and declarations of love. Twitter, voice mail, or just old fashioned email via the contact box to the right… We all still love to receive that, whether it be positive or negative. It’s all welcome.

Sorry again, we’ll try and get everything back in gear soon enough. Don’t go forgetting about us!

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Feedback, Comments and Contacting Us

Some of you might have been wondering how you can get in contact with us. Well boy howdy, we’ve got the answers to all your questions right here!

You can send us any questions, comments, declarations of love, show ideas, etc. via the comment box to the right, which goes straight to iceandfirepodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow and message us on Twitter @apoiaf. But the newest, most fangdangled contraption Amin has managed to rig up is the Skype voice mail system.  Simply call up the user APOIAF, wait for the beep and leave your message. Voice only, please, as text will not be received.  Who knows, you may even appear in an episode! Although if you don’t want to be put on air, please specify that.

If you would like to guest host on the days we’re missing a member, feel free let us know. We usually record on Thursday nights at 8-10pm CST, so make sure you’ve got the schedule for that.

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We’re Not Dead Yet

Contrary to popular belief, the Podcast of Ice and Fire is still alive and feebly communicating.  The holidays have been a busy time for us (in terms of real life, not nerd shit).  We’re still trying to get this podcast back on track and are working to release a solid episode.  2009 deserves an explosion of all-new boner jokes.  Just bear with us and keep checking back for a new episode.

And don’t worry- if we ever decided to quit the podcast, APOIAF would go down in a blaze of glory and name-calling.  We’ll always be here for you, to fill the gaping void in your soul that ADWD is rendering.

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